SDA Sabbath School Lessons
February 24, 1996

#8 The Text Speaks About Worship (Part 1)

Read for this week's study:

Memory text: John 4:34

Key thought:

Worship is a heart response to God's presence. Worship expresses our adoration, reverence, praise for God, and commitment to him. Like faith, it is a product of grace. Worship extends beyond the formal service of the church each weekend. It defines how we are to live in a world entrapped by evil and shaped by a secular culture that has as its goal selfish exploitation and self-aggrandizement. Worship enriches our persoonal spiritual lives and provides motivation for corporate action.

Worship and praise.

We will use the inductive method to explore this theological and practical topic. We will review the method and seek insight into the meaning and purpose of worship.

Throughout the Bible the restoration of worship is presented as the first step in returning to God. While the Isrealites were still in Egypt, God restored their sense of national identity through the reestablishment of worship practices. In a meeting between Moses, Aaron, and the elders of Isreal, Moses outlined the process wherby God would help His people leave Egypt. In that first meeting, worship was reinstituted. (See Exodus 4:29-31.)



Through the inductive method of Bible study, we learned this week that Isaiah's experience (Isaiah 6) provides a wonderful example of the worship experiences that God's people might have. The condition is that they come to Him with open hearts and a willingness to listen to His voice. By beholding the glory of the Holy One, Isaiah found purpose for his life and motivation to respond to God's call. True worship provides the basis of understanding our relationship with God and our mission in the world.

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