SDA Sabbath School Lessons
March 2, 1996

#9 The Text Speaks About Worship (Part 2)

Read for this week's study:

Memory text: Titus 2:14, 15

Key thought:

The New Tstament describes corporate and personal worship experiences that are rich in meaning. This week we will study inductively three worship passages recorded in the New Testament.

Thinking about worship:

Read over the three passages listed for this week's study, and give each a title that relates to worship or personal religious experience.
How was corporate worship in the early church different from ours today? Using biblical models, what would you change in your worship service to conform to the early-church service?



By using the inductive method of Bible study, we learned that God encounters believers through worship and continues to build up the church by empowering the faithful to learn of His mission and purpose. The Pentecost experience provides a unique model for understanding the power of the Holy Spirit in qualifying the disciples to spread the gospel. Paul's conversion experience shows us the power of God in the lives of individuals who are willing to be taught God's ways by church members. The counsel to Titus gives us a model of the types of content the church can share with its membership.

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