SDA Sabbath School Lessons
March 9, 1996

#10 Biographical Bible Study: Peter

Read for this week's study: Matt. 14:22-36; Matt. 16:13-28; Matt. 26:33-58; Matt. 26:69-75; Acts 2:14-47.

Memory text: Acts 2:36

Key thought:

The Bible contains numerous stories of men and women who struggled to learn about God in the midst of the great controversy between Christ and Satan. They were learning to live together in community. They had some of the same problems we have. The biographical method of Bible study helps us to identify the successes of Bible characters and allows us to apply to our lives what they learned from God.

Learning about the people of the Bible.

Using the biographical method of Bible study, we look closely at the character and trials of a person's life. We try to become so acquainted with the characters that we feel we are their friends. We learn something of their problems and victories. This method can provide years of enriched Bible exploration.
Peter will be the focus of our study as we explore the biographical method of Bible study. Review the calling of Peter in Matt. 4:16-21. In what order did Jesus call the disciples? What do you think the personality of a fisherman was like? Can we draw a picture of Peter's attitudes and style from this brief description of his calling?



A biographical study of Peter reveals the struggles of a person growing in faith. Through his early life of trial, we catch glimpses of an emerging, trusting relationship with Jesus. Peter's life gained specific focus and direction after he was empowered and enlightened by the Holy Spirit. Finally, he understood God's message and purpose for the world. Peter's life provides insight into our struggles to grow in understanding of, and fellowship with, Jesus. The church will be blessed as more Peters enter into their final commitment to Christ.

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