SDA Sabbath School Lessons
April 6, 1996

#1 Unfinished Business

Read for this week's study: Jud ges 1:1-2:5.

Memory text: Judges 2:1

Key thought:

Since God was always faithful in keeping His covenant promises to His people, the Israelites continued to be successful in occupying the Promised Land as long as they relied upon Him. But as they neglected their covenant with God and disobeyed Him, they failed to make headway against their enemies.

Disconnected and Dissonant.

A teenage student of classical piano discovered what it means to be disconnected and dissonant. He learned the first movement of Schumann's Piano Concerto in A Minor. His first performance of the work was memorable--too memorable for comfort. As always, he prayed before the recital that God would be with him. And He was. It was going well. Enjoying success, he forgot about God and began thinking about how good a pianist he was. Mistakes began happening, which led to insecurity, nervousness, and finally, sheer panic. The final arpeggio consisted of wrong notes all the way up the piano! Instead of bowing, he wanted to crawl underneath the Steinway grand piano and hide behind the pedals.
What went wrong? He had disconnected from God, forgetting that success depended upon Him. For the ancient Israelites, it was far more serious. They knew that God had covenanted to give them victory if they trusted in Him. The scale was much larger, and the consequences were tragic.



The success and well-being of the Israelites depended upon the health of their covenant relationship with God. He was eager to bless them in every way, but they neglected to cooperate with Him and chose to disregard His promises. He offers a covenant to us, as well, and our ultimate success depends upon the way we treat it.

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