SDA Sabbath School Lessons
May 4, 1996

#5 Signs of Security

Read for this week's study: Judges 6;

Memory text: Jud ges 6:22, 23

Key thought:

When God calls people to work for Him, He gives them the assurance that He will be with them. At times, He may reinforce this assurance with miraculous or providential signs.
The Father's Hand. A tiger pads softly along a pathway toward a two-year-old girl. She watches intently through the bushes as the large animal approaches. Stepping into the pathway a few feet in front of the tiger, she says, "Rarrrrrr!" Little Sarah roars at the tiger without fear, not because she notices the thick chain around the tiger's neck, held by a trainer of Marine World, Africa U. S. A., but because she firmly clutches her father's hand. As far as she is concerned, Daddy is big and strong enough to take care of any situation.
Adults need security too. We saw in the last lesson that Barak needed Deborah, the prophetess, to provide him with security by accompanying him into danger. When God called Gideon to deliver Israel he was insecure about the whole idea, but he had nobody like Deborah to help Him. He had to rely upon God directly, making sure that his heavenly Father was with him.