Sabbath School Net offers two versions of the weekly lesson:

The edition

(Click on the title go go there) In this edition, Bible texts from show up as “Tool Tips” when the cursor hovers over a Bible Reference. You may choose your preferred Bible version from 17 versions available at the top of the lesson page. Clicking on the link will open up a window at with the referenced text. There you can also easily read the rest of the chapter.

We find that this version works very well on iPads, where touching a text will bring up the Tool Tip box. Some content is centered, which may not be optimal on smart phones.

The BibleGateway Edition

(Click on the title to go there) In our “heritage” edition, clicking on a Bible reference opens up a page at with the referenced text. The default version is the New King James version, but you may choose a different version at BibleGateway. We continue to offer this version of the lessons partly because BibleGateway also offers Audio Bibles, which are helpful for the sight-impaired.

The BibleGateway Edition is optimized for smart phones devices, with all text left-aligned, so it doesn’t run off the right edge of the screen.

But even some smart phone users like the Biblia version. So try them both out to see what you like best.