1 and 2 Thessalonians Lesson References

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The Lesson References to accompany the Sabbath School lesson include most Bible passages and Ellen White references in each lesson. These can be a handy reference for teachers, while teaching. Also check our our other Teacher Resources.

Study Date Weekly Topic of HTML version Lesson Lesson
July 7 The Gospel Comes to Thessalonica Lesson 1 1 and 2 Thessalonias Lesson Cover
July 14 Preserving Relationships Lesson 2
July 21 Thessalonica in Paul's Day Lesson 3
July 28 Joyous and Thanksful Lesson 4
August 4 The Apostolic Example Lesson 5
August 11 Friends Forever Lesson 6
August 18 Living Holy Lives Lesson 7
August 25 The Dead in Christ Lesson 8
September 1 Final Events Lesson 9
September 8 Church Life Lesson 10
September 15 Promise to the Persecuted Lesson 11
September 22 The Antichrist Lesson 12
September 29 Keeping the Church Faithful Lesson 13