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With almost 1,800 members (as of July 2012), the SSnet email discussion list is likely this planet’s most diverse Sabbath School class outside of the Sabbath School Net blog.

Purpose of the SSNET email list

Our overall purpose is to encourage each other in the study of God’s Word and the spreading of the Good News of the gospel and the Three Angels’ messages as we look forward to the return of our magnificent and soon-coming Savior.

Our discussion list fills a special niche in that it allows isolated members to be in touch with the larger community of Seventh-day Adventist Bible students. Participants write from many countries around the world. We encourage the following through our email discussion list:

  • Active discussion of the Sabbath School lesson and theme
  • General discussion of the quarterly theme
  • Sharing of teaching notes and ideas among Sabbath School teachers
  • Discussion of biblical doctrines related to the Sabbath School lessons

If you are not familiar with moderated email discussion lists, please review how our list works (below).

The discussion on the list differs from the discussion on the blog in that topics tend to continue longer than on the blog, and members may initiate their own topics of discussion, as long as they are related to Sabbath School.

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Anyone is welcome to join the SSNET list. We have members from more than 36 countries around the world and from many faiths. However, the members who post at any one time seem to be not that many more than you will find in any good-sized Sabbath School class. If you join us, we encourage you to post your thoughts.

Please bookmark this page so you can unsubscribe before you change email accounts or before you leave on vacation, if your server allows you only limited space for email storage. You can re-subscribe as soon as you get back.

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This is the same form as the “Subscribe” form. To unsubscribe, just choose the “Unsubscribe” button. It is not necessary to fill in your name for unsubscribing, but it is very important that you give the precise email address you wish to unsubscribe.

If you need help in subscribing or unsubscribing, you may email us being sure to indicate to which list you want to subscribe or be unsubscribed. Also be sure to tell us which address you want to have subscribed or unsubscribed.

SSNET is a moderated email discussion list. This means that all notes submitted to the list are reviewed by a moderator before they are distributed to all members of the list. We reserve the right to edit subject lines to conform with our policies. Moderators aim to keep this list courteous while still being a place where issues can be examined and even called into question, but with grace and without impugning motives. Please be sure to read our Guiding Principles and Posting Rules below.

By subscribing to the list, you are agreeing to abide by these Principles and Rules. Please read them!

We hope that this forum will provide an environment in which you may find fellowship and be encouraged to grow in the love and service of God.

You can study the current Sabbath School lesson online at If you wish to download the Adult Bible Study Guide or the Teacher’s Guide in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format, you may do so at the  Adult Bible Study Guide website.

How the List Works

All notes submitted to the list are reviewed by a moderator before they are distributed to all members of the list. Each member has the opportunity to reply to messages, and these replies will be sent to all other members after being approved by a moderator.

Before subscribing, please be sure you know how to filter email messages/apply “rules” to your email messages, so they do not clutter your inbox. (Volume per day ranges from 12 or so to over 30.)

The following persons are currently involved in managing the discussion list:

  • Inge Anderson– Moderator team coordinator, from British Columbia, Canada
  • Andrew Anderson – Discussion list moderator from Texas, USA (Andrew’s websitebidwe h)
  • Maurice Ashton – Discussion list moderator from Australia (Maurice’s page at Avondale)
  • Andrew S. Baker – Discussion list moderator from N, Talking Out Loud with ASB are just two of his many websites.)
  • Daniel R. Bidwell – provides technical support for the majordomo software at Andrews University (Dan’s personal page)

To contact this group with a concern, send a note to the Administrative List.

All discussion is archived at If you do not wish to participate, but only wish to read, you may want to subscribe via the RSS option at Yahoogroups.

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