Juniors/Teens (10 – 14)

Image © Lars Justinen from GoodSalt.com

Image © Lars Justinen from GoodSalt.com

  • Junior Power Points – GraceLinks Lesson Resources for ages 10-12  in English, French and Spanish in the Gracelinks series. The current student lesson is on the home page.

GraceLinks Curriculum

  • Real-time Faith – Gracelink Lesson Resources for ages 13-14in English, French and Spanish. These are mainly for larger churches which separate Junior and Earliteen classes. In smaller churches, this age group is usually combined with the Junior group, using a 4-year curriculum, or with the Youth group. The current student lesson is on the home page.

My Bible Says Junior/Teen Curriculum

  • Junior/Teen Bible Lessons 3-year cycle for ages 10 and up. It presents the plan of salvation in chronological order from Genesis to Revelation in the context of Bible stories. The last two quarters cover Reformation history and early Advent church history. In addition, Bible doctrines are presented in the context of the stories. Illustrations are true-to-life, rather than comic format.
  • Junior/Teen Teaching Helps

 Young Disciple Curriculum for Juniors & Teens (Grades 5-8)

  • Daily Bible Study Lessons with a focus on teaching Juniors and Teens how to study the Bible for themselves and how to build their own relationship with Jesus. Available as hard-copy quarterlies or electronic downloads.
  • Teacher Helps available in hard-copy or through electronic downloads.  Included are tips and ideas for teaching the Young Disciple Bible lesson, detailed lesson plans for each week, fun and educational activities to get your class involved, ideas to help you spiritually challenge your class and discussion prompts for teaching the YD lessons to older youth.
  • Young Disciple magazine, an alternative to Guide magazine, with contemporary stories, but with realistic graphics. Aims to encourage kids to have their own relationship with Jesus. Sample copies of the magazine are available for free download.
  • Program Helps In the Young Disciple Program Helps, you’ll find suggestions for everything from room décor to organizing your program. Included are ideas for song service, prayer time, missions, Bible memory activities, sword drills, and a weekly special feature. You’ll also find a section especially for leaders of older youth.

Other Resources

52 Sabbath Activities for Teen Groups: A Resource of Proven, Surefire, Guaranteed-Fun Activities That Make Sabbaths Unforgettable for Youth (On Amazon.com). Also available on Amazon UK and on Amazon Canada.


Challenge the leadership of your church to allow Juniors and Teens to tell the Children’s Story for the worship service. If you’ll help them get ready and to act out the stories as the inimitable Eric B. Hare did, they’ll love it, and they’ll probably have good ideas of their own.

High-school Age (14 – 18)



Juniors – Teens — 6 Comments

  1. I am a High School Teacher, to obtain a Lesson for Junior and Adult is more difficult but through the website, it's more helpful for children and adult in my local church.

  2. this network is not good because the junior PowerPoints website on this website is not working and I think something has to be done about it so that is the bad thing about this website but everything else is good so you guys need to fix that and I'm not trying to be mean but I would not recommend this website but everything else is good.

    • Abby, Could you be more specific. The link to PowerPoints is working for me. Please bear in mind that resources lists on this page are links to other sites not under our control. While we are happy to list them, we appreciate being told when something is not working. However, if there is a problem with the linked site it is best to report it to the owner/webmaster for that particular site. We cannot fix websites other than our own.

  3. Is the Powerpoints website down? I cannot seems to gain access to the site. Has the site address changed? Please advise.

    • Sabbath School Net has nothing to do with the Juniors-teens. We simply provide a link to the appropriate websites as a service. If you have an issue with one of their resources it is probably best to contact gracelink.net

      I have checked the site myself and it does appear to be down at the moment so I suggest you wait a few hours and try again.

  4. I play classical guitar and classical lute and have been invited by ASI to play for several meetings, including Juniors and Earliteens Sabbath School. I remember what we used to sing when I was a kid, but have no idea what they sing now. Does anyone have song suggestions I could arrange for classical guitar?


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