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Missions for Teens & Children — 17 Comments

  1. As a children's Sabbath School leader I am constantly frustrated that towards the end of a quarter I am not able to source for preparation the next quarter's projects for the children. The only place I have been able to find out where the project is going this quarter is on the back of the adult lesson quarterly. This of course doesn't tell me what the children's projects are. I have looked at the Children's Missions Magazine advertised above and while there are a couple of stories on there, nothing indicates what is available to the children this quarter. Unfortunately our publishing house doesn't get the quarterlies to us in time either. Please can you help me for the future???

  2. [Moderator's note: I think that Marianne is referring to felts here. If anyone knows how to help Marianne, please respond with a comment here and we will put you in touch with one another.]

    Our church needs old BJK Triplet mission stories for the Kindergarten level. However, we will also appreciate the primary level if the Kindergarten level is not found. The company no longer makes any and we have used the ones we have so much that the children now can recite the stories word for word.

    If any church has any that they are willing to donate or sell, please let me know. Thank you so much and God bless!

    • I have a lot of felts that I have collected for years. We are downsizing and I want to give them to someone or church. Please let me know where I can send them.

      • Hi,I know it's been about 6 months since you posted that you had felt sets to give away. If you still would like to find a home for them, I would be happy to use them for our Sabbath School.

      • Hi

        What I am looking for are the felts that go with the mission stories by BJK Triplets. I am especially looking for Cradle Roll, Kindergarten and Primary levels. The stories run for the quarter (a continuing story)about a mission family in a country that used to follow the actual mission countries each quarter. Now we match the old mission stories we have to the mission countries.

        • Hello from Palau!

          I am looking specifically for the BJK Triplet Mission felts. Would you have any of those?

  3. Am living at place where is its so difficult to get a mission stories for young people and with the quartely lessons, as i a group leader i just need a help, whereby if its possible to send them through email i wil appreciate alot

  4. This is Debbie-Ann Flynn a Sabbath School Leader from Eliathah SDA Church in Florida. I am inquiring about Sabbath School material for the Lower Division Sabbath School. I am not sure if you can help me. I need short bible stories in a bond book or loose leave materials.

    • Hi Debbie-Ann,
      Sabbath School Net essentially focusses on the senior lesson although we do provide links to children's resources that you may find useful.

      Sabbath School Net is run by lay folk to promote the study of the Sabbath School lesson and all our workers are volunteers. If anybody knows of a resource that fits Debbie-Anne's requirements, kindly respond here, preferably with a link.

    • We use the Grace Link material and there are all levels for the children's division. I love the activities that go with the theme and Bible lesson. We also purchase the teaching packet for more fun learning activities for each Bible story.

  5. I would love to receive mission felts/stories appropriate for Kindergarten/Primary age children. If your church has any stored away in their closet and not being used, please think of a small children's Sabbath School group in West Virginia. Thank you.

  6. I have still not had any luck getting the old BJK mission felt stories. English is the second language for our students here in the Pacific and the current children's mission stories just don't work.

  7. My church is starting Children's Sabbath School and are looking for felts for stories. If anybody is looking to donate any/some we'll be happy to take them or if anybody knows where we can get them, please point us in that direction. Thank you.


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