hopetvYou can watch the current lesson of Pastor Derek Morris’s Sabbath School Class on the HopeTV. It is an hour-long “an in-depth, inter-active study of the Word of God.” If you don’t have satellite TV, you can download the video (MP4) or audio (MP4) files and the lesson outlines (PDF) to your computer from the site.

For Sabbath School teachers, this is an excellent example of how a good Sabbath School class should function.

The video on the Hope Sabbath School Youtube Channel works very well on mobile devices. You can download the lesson outlines from the HopeTV Sabbath School Site.

Other Resources

Audio Only

Sabbath School Audio Quarterly
There’s a new app in the Google App store that features the audio version of the current Sabbath School Quarterly. It is called “Sabbath School Audio Quarterly.” We don’t know whether it is available on iTunes. Perhaps you can check and let us know.

Reading Sabbath School Lesson and Ellen G. White Notes Youtube Channel
This is a Youtube Channel with readings of the weekly Sabbath School lesson. Dr Percy Herrold is the reader. Channel is kept up by Cláudio Carneiro,

Sabbath School Lessons on iTunes
For those that have iTunes installed and are comfortable using it you can download and play the Adult Sabbath Sabbath School Podcast by Percy Harrold. If you do not have iTunes installed, there is a download button on the page. Essential for the vision-impaired and also great for busy people, these are playable on iPods, mobile phones and other podcast-supporting devices. Reading of the complete weekly Bible lesson, including the Bible texts, without commentary..

Audio Bibles


Adventist® Mission Video Podcast What’s the Seventh-day Adventist® Church doing to share Jesus with the world? Find out through the Adventist Mission podcast, a free video podcast delivered right to your computer. Each video brings you to frontlines of mission, face to face with people telling the world about Jesus. Sign up now for this inspiring podcast using the buttons below.

Braille Lessons

These are available from Christian Record Services for the Blind. Become a member to receive the Braille lessons for free. 

Sabbath School for mobile devices, such as iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android

  • The iPhone and Android app produced by the Sabbath School and Personal Ministries department of the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists includes the weekly reading of the Collegiate Quarterly, Sabbath School University video, Sabbath School University audio, and podcasts in various languages. The app is simply called “Sabbath School.”
  • The app gives access to print content from Beginner through the Adult Bible Study Guide. It provides links to all lessons in PDF format, which are downloaded when you click on them.
  • Also included are the Kindergarten and Primary audio podcasts, the Kindergarten animation podcast,  Sabbath School Leaders can discover ideas in Cool Tools and access the Sabbath School Manual right from the app. The app is available for free in the iTunes app store or at the Android app store.
  • Ecole Sabbath android app is the French Sabbath School lesson and podcast.