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Scripture Songs

Singing Bible verses is arguably the best way to commit them to memory. Years later, at crucial times, these texts will surface in the memory. Help your kids to hide God’s Word in their hearts. The best recordings will have easily understood words combined with a memorable tune.

Free Resources

Books, Albums and Individual MP3’s for Sale:

His Song in My Heart – Scripture Songs from Young Disciple Ministries – the same folks who offer the Young Disciple Curriculum for Juniors and Teens. You can buy individual songs or the whole CD, after listening to samples.


Steve Green’s classic “Hide ’em in your Heart” Vol 1 available on Amazon.

And we found Lots of Bible verse songs on – mostly audio CD’s, but some MP3’s and videos. Check them out. Usually you can listen to samples. (If you’ll look at “related” products at the bottom of the Amazon page, you may find even more.) You can usually buy single song for $.99 from the albums below. Some are suitable for sing-along use in Sabbath School. We think you will be able to download digital content from most areas of the world. Let us know whether or not it works for you.

Learn to Tell Stories by Listening to Masters

Eric Hare’s Vol 1 available at Amazon.

In our opinion, there are no better models of stories for small children than the Eric B. Hare stories. Play them for  your children, yes, but if you listen to them over and over, you can learn to tell stories the way Eric B. Hare does, and you’ll have kids hanging on your every word! Note that there are 3 CD’s. We show the cover of the first CD which includes the stories of “The Chinese Lady and the Rats,” “Silver and the Snake,” and “The Big Yellow Truck.” Generations of children remember them.

Stories of the Men and Women Who Founded the Adventist Church Adventist history acted out – available as MP3 files or CD-format, either on compact disk. Choose the version you want. You can listen to some stories for free at the Ellen White site: Pathways of the Pioneers Or you can buy your own CD’s at Amazon: Pathways of the Pioneers: Great for children and adults. Compare both links for best price.

Your Story Hour CD’s include both Bible stories and other character-building stories. Available on Amazon. If you’ll click on the link to Volume 11, you’ll see the links to many more volumes below the heading “Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought.”

Free Story Resources

Felt Illustrations

While computer animations and PowerPoint presentations are popular, there’s still much to be said for old-fashioned “felt sets.” The advantage of felt sets is that they engage young learners without the hyper stimulation of TV. Both teacher and children can be directly engaged in the stories, thus providing a clear focus for the class and holding the children’s attention. Additionally, the felt experience is different from what they usually experience and thus has a special attraction, if the teacher uses the felts correctly.

  • Betty Lukens Felt sets include backgrounds and overlays, figures for Bible stories, as well as science stories and other stories.
  • Little Folks Visuals offers miscellaneous felt sets and backgrounds, including a tabernacle set.
  • Storytime Felts offer a wide variety of felt sets, including Bible stories.
  • And if you’re looking for some felts that you can’t find anywhere else, you just might find them at The Felt Source. (However, if you can find felts at the other links, costing no more, please get them there, because Betty Lukens, Little Fols Visuals and Storytime Felts will pay us a small advertising commission to help cover our expenses of hosting this site. The Felt Source will not. )

Help kids learn memory verses with 100 Creative Ways to Learn Memory Verses (Paperback on Also available in Kindle format. NOTE: Because different publishers use different artists, styles vary quite a bit, and it is best to choose Bible sets from just one publisher to ensure that the figures are appropriately sized and look like they belong together. Examine the styles and choose one that you like.

Beginner to Primary Sabbath School Lessons

Gracelinks Curriculum

This is the current standard curriculum for Seventh-day Adventist churches.

My Bible First Curriculum

This is a curriculum for leaders and teachers who prefer more structured lessons than the Gracelinks curriculum provides. Materials and stories contain true-to-life graphics instead of cartoon graphics. Resources include theme materials and visualized songs, teaching helps and memory verse aids. My Bible First was started to help parents establish daily family worships. Children can understand the plan of salvation and the great controversy theme. All Bible lessons tell the Bible stories in the order they happened. Each week’s lesson builds on what was learned the previous week to help children tunderstand how God has been working in history, and the consequences of choices. Free samples available.

  • Primary Lesson Resources 3-year cycle for ages 7-9. My Bible First is designed to assist the early reader to begin a personal devotion time. The three-year cycle enlarges and expands the great controversy and plan of salvation theme introduced in the kindergarten lessons. Both one-time orders and standing orders accepted.
  • Primary Teaching Helps Detailed program outline and instructions for entire Sabbath school class time (75+ minutes) with complete materials list. Includes text of weekly lesson, reproducible activity sheets, large Nature Corner booklet, coordinated with My Bible Pictures.
  • Primary Activity Sheets Individually printed activity sheets (not needed if you have Teaching Helps and a way to photocopy the activity sheets).
  • Primary Memory Verse Cards
  • Visualized Songs include MIDI files for each song.
  • Scripture Songs include illustrated Scripture books and audio CD`s of children saying and singing the passage.

Sabbath School Ministry Descriptions

Other Resources


High-school Age (14 – 18)



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  1. hallo am mike from tanzania.ireal love to share more good stuff from yours. i also a teacher in sabbath school.on kids request if you would assist me to have more..stuff inorder more which requir kids to evaluate for growing into church is nyegezi sda located in Mwanza city..
    i wish you the best
    Yours faithfully Michael

  2. Please, I would like to have the felts and felt manual but I don't know how to get them. I stay in Kisii Kenya East Africa. Please advise.

    • It would probably be very expensive to get them from the US in East Africa. If I were you, I would contact my local conference office to see if they will stock felt illustrations. There may be some local sources in Africa about which we know nothig.

      • Good day servants of God

        I would like you to sent me some evangelism books and others books for children.

        am seventh Adventist church member.
        may God bless as all

        • We are an online ministry and do not send out anything material. We send email and post messages on this website. We suggest you check with your local Seventh-day Adventist Conference for the availability of physical books.

  3. Greetings. the site has made it easy to reach Kids in hardship areas here in KENYA. There is no need to travel thousands of kilometers to have a copy at ABC because the curriculum is a click away. God bless GRACELINK. may the kids continue to prosper spiritually, socially, mentally and physically through this link.

  4. great resource page for teacher, parents, kids and anyone else who is involved with kids, ideal package btw I am from the blessed and beautiful twin island of Trinidad and Tobago

  5. l really enjoyed these lessons for our children. Let's catch them young. The world is ready to teach them for us if we slumber. Great stuff indeed. I am Godfrey Denhere from Unit F SDA church.East Zimbabwe Conference Zimbabwe

  6. Thanks for this wonder full and noble work ,,the Bible says let the little ones come unto me for the kingdom is theirs let us make it uniformity from sabbath school to GC and this lessons for children to be send quarterly to all unions and missions to prepare whether tommorow for the glory of God'thanks lamech onkware'member south kenya mission.

  7. I am unable to locate Gracelink children lessons on computer example read. Or copy or print please help
    Since your new website

    • It depends on the age of the kids, but in the days when I was involved with kids in the 10-12 age bracket, we often enlisted the help of the kids in making activities for other children. Some of the ones that I remember most clearly were quizzes, and miming. Seeing I was a science teacher back in those days I used to run a science segment which would either provide an interesting lesson, or help the kids to understand something really important. That used to be very popular - particularly when I produced explosions! Then once a year the kids would take all the preliminaries for the church service. That would take quite a bit of preparation getting them ready to lead out in the songs and practising special items, but it had an element of service about it so it was an important part of their training.

      I think that with children, we need to think outside the box a bit. They are typically in school for 5 days a week and giving them another hour of school is really just more of the same. I like to think that Sabbath is really special and something to look forward to.

  8. Are the old helps from the previously used curriculum still available whether online or in printed form? They used to be, but I can't find them online anywhere.

    • Sabbath School Net is run by a group of lay folk, primarily as a resource for the adult lesson study, although we do provide links to materials for other divisions of the Sabbath School as well. We do not provide these materials ourselves so any queries about their services should be directed to the church entity that provides them.

      In your case I think that you are referring to the Gracelink material and I suggest that you try their website at:

      If you cannot find what you are looking for here, they do provide a contact link at the top right-hand side of their page.

  9. Blessings to you in the name of our Lord.
    I am interested in Kindergaten coloring materials and lesson.

    • Hi Kim. Please understand that Sabbath School Net is an online blog run by a small group of volunteers as an independent ministry to support the study of the Sabbath School Lesson. We are not a department of the church and consequently do not provide resources other than what you see on this site. We do provide links to the Church publishers of the childrens Sabbath School Materials and we suggest that you follow the links provided to contact these publishers regarding the availabiltiy of colouring materials and lessons.

    • Hi Bernard,
      Sabbath School Net is run by a group of volunteer lay folk and as such is not part of the Seventh-day Adventist Church organisation. Our primary goal is to support the study of the adult Sabbath School lesson, but we do provide resource links for the children's divisions as a courtersy. We do not provide any hard copy resources as that is far too expensive for our meagre resources. Thank you for understanding.

  10. Please make these resources downloadable. I've been asked to download beginner lessons but I can't and the next option is buying which I cannot afford.

    • Sabbath School Net is not responsible for these resources. We provide links to them only as a service. If you have issues with the websites referenced here, the best approach is to contact the owners of the appropriate website. Most of them provide their own contact details.

  11. Please assist me get children ministry lesson in this first quarter 2019. Send it through my email address

    • Sabbath School Net provides links to the children's ministries resources; We do not email materials. If you look at the top of this page you will see the Gracelink links. Click on the appropriate link and follow the instructions to download the materials. If you have issues with downloading these materials you should contact Gracelink on their Website:

  12. Hello there,
    I want to help teachers from my local church get their lessons, therefore if I can be emailed the beginners lesson,


    • Hi Dorish;

      Sabbath School Net is an independent ministry run by volunteers. Our focus is on the adult lesson and we only provide links to resources for the other age groups. We suggest that you follow the links on this page and contact the producers of the other lessons directly to see what they provide.

  13. Need a set of picture felt for beginers and other toys. (Address:Pandah J Alekolo, Buruku Adventist High School, 57, Munda,Rendova Island,Western Province, Solomon Islands)

  14. I like to those who work hard in providing our little ones with the that as parents can not give,may God bless you in his name


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