While some of our teachings are seldom questioned, there are others that continually draw a many questions and criticism from those outside our fellowship as well as certain groups within.

We want to provide material to address topics such as the historicity of Genesis, the Investigative/Pre-Advent Judgment, the role of Ellen White, the Sanctuary teaching, the nature of God, the nature of male-female relations both in the home and in the church,  the health message and related subjects.

We anticipate addressing other current issues promoted by certain groups in the church who believe they have “additional light” or “new light.” If there is an issue that troubles you, please let us know, and we will do our best to find someone who can address the topic.

Some issues may be too “hot” to address on our regular blog without endangering our mission. In such cases, we may provide resources without a following discussion. You will find such posts in the “Issues” category.

Below are links to some “Adventist Issues”:

The Investigative Judgment

This topic inks to the blog category of “Investigative Judgment.” If you like, you can leave comments under individual posts.

Biblical Hermeneutics: The Interpretation of Scripture

Adventist Issues

Direct links to Church Governance and issues surrounding the Trinity



Adventist Issues — No Comments

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