Everybody loves a good story, no matter what age. So story-telling is a good art to master for parents, teachers, pastors and for kids, beginning at “primary” age. Teachers can help children learn to tell stories and then encourage church leadership to enlist them to tell the “Children’s Story” during the church worship service. 

Learn to Tell Stories by Listening to Masters

Maybe you’ve been asked to tell the Children’s Story at church? For the littlest ones, you can do no better than to imitate Eric B. Hare. In a small group, you might even want to play them for the children. Most grown-ups enjoy them too. 

Check out the other links below for a large supply of stories for all age groups. 

Eric B Hare stories at ABCIn our opinion, there are no better models of stories for small children than the Eric B. Hare stories. Play them for  your children, yes, but if you listen to them over and over, you can learn to tell stories the way Eric B. Hare does, and you’ll have kids hanging on your every word! Note that there are 3 CD’s. We show the cover of the first CD which includes the stories of “The Chinese Lady and the Rats,” “Silver and the Snake,” and “The Big Yellow Truck.” Generations of children remember them.

As for Juniors: Allow your juniors & teens to take the stories home to play them over and over to learn to tell stories the way Eric B. Hare does.  They’ll enjoy becoming expert story tellers. And if they have add their own drama, so much the better! Note that there are 3 CD’s.

Stories of the men and women who founded the Adventist Church. This is  Adventist history acted out – available as MP3 files or CD-format, either on compact disk. Choose the version you want. You can listen to some stories for free at the Ellen White site: Pathways of the Pioneers Or you can buy your own CD’s at the  same place or on Amazon: Pathways of the Pioneers.  (Compare both links for best price.) These are great for both children and adults. We lose much if we forget our history – either we will repeat the mistakes of the past or/and we will lose the inspiration of their example.  The individual CDs don’t seem to be available any more, so even the collection may soon be unavailable. These stories can be used at the beginning of Sabbath School, starting right on time, for some incentive to get there on time. 

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Your Story Hour by Aunt Carole and others offers both Bible stories and character-building stories from our past.

Other Free Story Resources

Other Christian Story Resources (not necessarily Adventist

More Story Resources?

If you know of some good store resources, please share in a comment below, and we can add it/them to our list. Also please let us know if a link is not working. Thank you!