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by Inge Anderson

Much of the work of Christ consisted of healing people of their physical maladies while offering them healing of their spiritual disease, 1 and His disciples did likewise. 2

As a church, we have been counseled that the [weaver_popup_link href=’’ h=’1600px’ w=’1000px’ scrollbars=true]”gospel of health” should be the “right arm” of our message.[/weaver_popup_link] Accordingly, we are listing some selected health resources that actively recognize the relationship between Christ’s last message to the world and the “gospel of health.” These are intended to enable you to experience the “gospel of health” in your own life and prepare you to share it with others.

The Eight Laws of Health

Before listing resources, I would like to share that optimal health is based on following God’s Eight Laws of Health. They can be remembered by the acronym NEWSTART:

  • Nutrition: Following a plant-based diet, eating modestly and regularly of the foods God created as close to their original form as possible.
  • Exercise: Regularly moderate exercise, preferably in the fresh air. 
  • Water: Sufficient water both inside and outside the body. 
  • Sunlight: Regular exposure to sunlight will boost mood and immunity.
  • Temperance in all things: Eating and sleeping on a regular schedule and abstaining from all things harmful, including overeating.
  • Air: Enjoy fresh air both outdoors and inside the house. Open windows to let the fresh air in. 
  • Rest: Regular hours of sleep are of high importance for optimal body and brain function. 
  • Trust in God: It’s the remedy for one of the major causes of disease, namely negative stress. 

LifeStyle Matters  Developed by Vicki Griffin and Evelyn Kissinger, these programs seamlessly integrate physical and mental health. Vicki is quite unapologetic about the approach and shares how even atheists have been known to appreciate the programs. The programs are relatively inexpensive, 3 and come with detailed training materials. [weaver_showhide show=’Show more info‘ hide=’Hide more info‘]

Each program consists of four to six weekly evening sessions beginning with a “tasting and mingling” time. (No cooking demonstrations, per se, but cook books are offered for sale.)4  This is followed by a welcome message from the program director (you?) and a DVD or PowerPoint presentation on the subject of the evening. A lifestyle feature demonstration (such as how much sugar is hidden in common foods) is a favorite. Then there is a “Keys to Life” presentation, followed by round-table discussion groups, with a facilitator for each table of 6-8 people. This is where “homework” is assigned before folks are dismissed for the evening.

Following instructions creates an atmosphere that is friendly and low-key, encouraging the forming of relationships – which just happens to be the best way to connect with young adults of today, the so-called “postmoderns.” You can get a taste of the professional quality of the materials by ordering a set of Balance” magazines.  (Phone to get the lower postal rate. UPS is too expensive.) The programs are ideal as an introduction to evangelistic bible studies presented in a similar manner, including a light snack and follow-up discussions – which go over much better than the typical “evangelistic series” in today’s world.

The program is best presented by a minimum of three persons working together. Experience is not necessary, because the training is excellent. You’ll know just what to say, but you can say it in your own words if you prepare well enough. 5

Neil Nedley Depression Seminar

We have had excellent experiences with the Depression – the Way Out seminar in our church. Attendees are extremely grateful. And the program lends itself well to integrating physical and spiritual wellness. The round-table discussions foster forming relationships. [weaver_showhide show=’Show more info‘ hide=’Hide more info‘]

Neil Nedley has accepted the responsibility of the presidency of Weimar Institute, and his website shows some signs of neglect. Nevertheless the depression program is as good as ever

Check out an introductory video on Youtube (there are more there)> It is possible to attend a residential program (scroll down), but it is also possible for churches to offer the program in their own communities. For this purpose, Associate Directors and Facilitators can get their training online (scroll down). They  will have all director and facilitator materials mailed to them (which explains the higher prices for international training – no matter where you are in the world). 6 (All materials listed and available to order on website.) The program consists of 9 weekly sessions, with the last session being a “graduation banquet,” which is the high-light of the program. Attendees pay for their own materials and generally consider them cheap enough.

You can compare what’s available at Dr. Nedley’s website with what is available at and (Sometimes you can get a better deal at Amazon and help SSNet in the process.)

CHIP – Complete Health Improvement Program

Founded by Hans Diehl, this well-tested and highly successful CHIP program (originally Coronary Health Improvement Program) is likely the grand-daddy of the modern Adventist health improvement programs. It probably added at least an extra 20 years to my own father’s life. CHIP is considerably more expensive than the Life Style Matters programs and also more expensive than the Neil Nedley programs. It takes a greater investment of both time and effort, but for those who can invest both, it is highly successful in reaching the higher classes of society. [weaver_showhide show=’Show more info‘ hide=’Hide more info‘]

For information on how to prepare for the program and receive training go to This is definitely a project for churches and not for individuals, considering the human and financial resources involved. Part of the reason for the price of the program is the price of lab fees for the medical tests included. But they are also a big factor in demonstrating the effectiveness of the program.

I have noticed a tendency by presenters to minimize the Adventist connection in an effort to appear neutral. I believe this is a great mistake. (See “Is the Right Arm Still Good?“)

The health message that God gave to the Seventh-day Adventist church is the foundation of the CHIP program, and God’s most bountiful blessings will be realized by those who will use CHIP to minister to the whole person – not referring impersonally to a “higher power,” but to our personal, loving Savior who works through a specific body in this final time of earth’s history.

When I took my training years some time near 2005, the spiritual dimension was not well integrated, but it may be different now.

In the 1970’s we had excellent success with the Five-Day Plan to Stop Smoking when we intentionally tweaked the psychological dimension by making it explicitly spiritual and referring to our Creator God and identifying ourselves as Seventh-day Adventists. (This was not in the program, but I believe God poured out extra blessings when we explicitly acknowledged Him.) So I would like to encourage those who want to work with CHIP to explicitly and boldly take God on as a partner. It’s His program! [/weaver_showhide]

Educate Yourself With These Resources

(Many are free)

Neil Nedley, M.D. Proof Positive Proof Positive: How to Reliably Combat Disease and Achieve Optimal Health Through Nutrition and Lifestyle, by Neil Nedley is a book devoted to demonstrating “Proof Positive” from the scientific literature that God’s plan for staying healthy works. It is written in language easily understood by the lay person and filled with charts, diagrams and other illustrations to make the material understandable. Many say that they find the book “hard to put down” because of its wealth of interesting information. It is also a good reference book to keep on hand, with its hefty 555 pages of text. [weaver_showhide show=’Show more info‘ hide=’Hide more info‘] Here’s a list of chapters:

  1. Principles For Optimal Health
  2. Good News About Cancer: It Can Be Prevented!
  3. Heart Disease: Conquering the Number One Killer
  4. Blocked Arteries: Clean Them Out Naturally
  5. The Truth About Fish
  6. One Nation Under Pressure [about stress]
  7. The Great Meat and Protein Myth
  8. Sweet Tooth, Bitter Harvest: The Sugar and Diabetes Study
  9. Melatonin: Agent for rest and Rejuvenation [Hint: Your body makes its own]
  10. Animal Disease and Human Health Risk
  11. Milk: Friend or Foe?
  12. The Frontal Lobe: The Crown of the Brain
  13. Stemming the Tide of Violence [About entertainment choices]
  14. Stress Without Distress
  15. AIDS and HIV: The Untold Story
  16. Dying for a Cigarette? Kick the Habit and Live
  17. Want a Drink? [Alcohol]
  18. Dealing With Bad Habits and Addictions
  19. Nutrition and the Environment
  20. Beyond the Leading Causes of Death

The book also includes 10 Appendices.[/weaver_showhide] Buy at | Buy at

Click on image to go to

Vitamin K2 And The Calcium Paradox: How a Little-Known Vitamin Could Save Your Life, by Kate Rheaume-Bleue.  
You’ve probably heard about Vitamin B12 and the fact that B12 deficiency is common in not only vegans but also people who eat animal products. But most of us know very little about fat-soluble Vitamin K2 which plays such a vital role in so many essential processes in our body, much less the fact that the menaquinone form is the most helpful supplement to take. The author seeks to remedy this deficiency in knowledge. The bottom line is that Vitamin K2 acts much like a hormone in conjunction with fat-soluble Vitamin D and Vitamin A.[weaver_showhide show=’Show more info‘ hide=’Hide more info‘]

Applying the information in this book could literally save your life – especially if you suffer from any of the following or are in danger of suffering from any of the following: osteopenia, osteoporosis, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, Alzheimer’s disease, cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, risk of cancer, prostate cancer, lung cancer, leukemia (the way K2 deals with leukemia is particularly fascinating), liver cancer, kidney disease, infertility, dental cavities. 

Other interesting facts: Mothers taking in adequate Vitamin K2 can ensure that their children will have large enough jaws so that they won’t need braces. It may make for easier labor in child bearing. [/weaver_showhide]

Health Education Videos

Northern Lights Health Education Videos by Dr John Clark of Eden Valley Institute (free)

Health Resources at Wildwood Lifestyle Center (free)

You can find some reasonably priced health resources at Weimar’s Newstart . Also check out their Health Score Calculator – How healthy are you? (mostly free)

Health Education Articles

(All are free)

Health Library at Loma Linda University Medical Center

Counseling Sheets by Uchee Pines and Dr Agatha Thrash – counsel on treating various disease conditions naturally.

Also see the book excerpts from Neil Nedley’s Proof Positive.

Articles in the News & Articles section of Lifestylematters – clear and authoritative.

Health Education Lectures

Dr Neil Nedley on Youtube

Plant-based Recipes

Recipes on Dr John Clark’s site

Since this page was first published over a decade ago, some of the resources that were listed are no longer available, but there are literally thousands of healthy plant-based recipes available on the internet. Just search for “plant-based recipes” or “vegan recipes.”

  1. See Matthew 4:23, Matthew 9:35, Matthew 12:9-11, Mark 5:29-31, John 6:2, Acts 10:38
  2. See Luke 9:5-7, Acts 3:1-8, Acts 4:10-12, 1 Corinthians 12:9
  3. Prices listed on the website are retail. Churches get the bulk wholesale rate. Participants purchase necessary materials at retail rate, thus helping to cover expenses of the program.
  4. And I just have to say that the Guilt-free Gourmet Cookbooks are just about the best cookbooks for a plant-based diet. The recipes are fairly simple, and they actually taste good! Check out some sample recipes.
  5. You can also find a little more information at the Michigan Conference Health Ministries site.
  6. Incidentally the video used the “Training the Trainers” is of an event I attended live at the British Columbia Conference in Canada.


Health Resources — 6 Comments

  1. i am a real bad diabetic that needa all the help i can get, but i used to weigh 380 but doing this, that, and the other i am down to 228 but i have bad knees and i cant walk that good anymore, and i have degenerative joint disease, and my knees are shot. but i'm still trying, but i'm on a very fixed income, i get $721 a month but after i pay bills, i have hardly any money, but can i pay in installments?

    • Congratulations, Cheryl, on your weight loss! I don't know how tall you are, but I'm guessing you're 2/3 of the way towards your ideal weight. That will help your diabetes, for sure, and it will help your knees and your walking, because they don't have to carry so much weight.

      Changing your diet to a very natural one will make a great difference. It has even helped reverse diabetes for many people. "Very natural" means eating food to as close as grown as possible. That means staying in the outside aisles of your grocery store - lots of good veggies and some fruits. Either bake whole-grain bread or buy whole-grain bread. (Whole-wheat is not necessarily whole grain. You need to read labels carefully.) Various types of whole beans are really healthy, as are a few nuts. Since good foods are not cheap, you will have to plan carefully, so there is no waste. Buy only what you need, and you will see your weight go down and your health go up. Be sure to keep regular hours of sleep, remembering that the hours before midnight are the best. Drink plenty of water (not tea or coffee). Get some sunshine every day possible, because it has many health benefits. Get some exercise every day. Since you can't walk so well right now, keep your eyes open for a used stationary bike. Some folks give them away for free. Above all, ask God to help you in your daily life, and then trust Him with your health and with your future.

      We don't offer any lifestyle retreats, but you can contact folks at some of the URLs in the article above to see if it is feasible for you to attend. In the meantime, I've added a few more resources to educate yourself at home. When you run out of things to watch, read, listen to, cook and do, let me know, and I'll add some more resources. 🙂

      • I will instruct thee and teach thee in the way which thou shalt go: I will guide thee with mine eyes. Ps 32:8

        Thanks to Inga for being the facilitator for those sites.

        The Holy Spirit guided me to this site. I wondered how are those sisters doing? This site provides many educational information for the people of God. I was involved in the church kitchen small group. Anyone and everyone were welcome to join. Something were always there to be done. Many times within the small groups (96%) of the times we agreed. We focused on making healthy food choices although we met with resistance. One such was the choice of water instead of juice and fruits instead of cakes and cookies. We are supposed to be the leaders in healthy living. Positive small groups supposed to make a change in people’s life for good.

        • Thanks, Lyn. Now I'm thinking that the page needs updating! I haven't checked all those URL's for a while, and there's even more available now.
          Plant-based cooking (most call it "vegan") has become so popular that there's a lot of interesting, healthy recipes available if you will just search for a "vegan" version of any dish that you crave. 😉 That said, you still need to choose a healthy vegan recipe, because almost pure sugar candy is "vegan" too. The advice to eat foods "as close to grown as possible" is always good. 🙂

  2. God is interesting in our total health and healing.

    Thanks. Recently a family introduced us to the CHIP program for our congregation. His wife had cancer approximately 15 years ago and went to the program somewhere in California, USA. They treated her and she continued on her diet . She is still cancer free. A diet that is vegan/vegetarian still works. The diet as mentioned might be a little costly but we can use smaller portions. Hope several members will benefit from these sites as we move forward in 2020-2021.


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