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Our Wonderful God

Understanding Him Better

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God is the outstanding fact of the universe. Our greatest needs are to understand Him better and to have His image restored in us. If these needs are not fulfilled, it is impossible for us to be truly happy or at peace with ourselves and others.

When we become acquainted with God, we discover that He is, indeed, wonderful. He is a God of goodness, as well as greatness. Of love, as well as wisdom. Of mercy, as well as justice. He is the God of the poor and meek, the wealthy and the great. He is the God of all races, which are equally loved by Him.

The purpose of the lessons this quarter is to help us become better acquainted with our wonderful God and to serve Him better. We will begin by teaming what the Bible reveals about His nature and characteristics. Other lessons will show us specifically why He is called "wonderful" and what He has done so we can claim Him as "ours." An overview of the entire quarterly is given below:

Lesson 1-"Our Ancient of Days." God cannot be compared to humankind. He is eternal, omnipresent, and without equal.

Lesson 2-"Our Lord Most High." God is Creator and Benefactor of all creation. His universal scope makes Him the perfect Judge.

Lesson 3-"Father, Son, and Holy Spirit." The Godhead consists of three divine Beings, unified in action but distinct in personality.

Lesson 4-"Emmanuel-God With Us." Voluntarily, God came to this earth as a man to redeem what Satan had snatched away.

Lesson 5-"The Holy One." Because of His perfection, power, and glory, God stands distinct-that is, holy-above all else.

Lesson 6-"The God of Love," Nature, the Scriptures, and the life of Christ reveal God's love. It knows no season, geography, or culture. It reaches out to all unconditionally.

Lesson 7-"The God of Peace." God provides peace to all who receive Christ and obey the Spirit.

Lesson 8-"Wonderful, Counselor." Those who reach out to God find a hand waiting to grasp theirs.

Lesson 9-"The Lamb of God." God offered the Lamb in a dramatic act of reconciliation.

Lesson 10-"My Father and My God." God desires to be our dearest friend and closest companion.

Lesson 11-"The Lord of Hosts." The angels who serve God unselfishly play an important role in our salvation.

Lesson 12-"The God of Help." Because He is on our side, God makes His unlimited power available to protect us and guide us.

Lesson 13-"King of Kings." The righteousness of God will triumph.

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No. Study


Oct 3 Our Ancient of Days


Oct 10 Our Lord Most High


Oct 17 Father, Son, and Holy Spirit


Oct 24 Emmanuel-God With Us


Oct 31 The Holy One


Nov7 The God of Love


Nov 14 The God of Peace


Nov 21 Wonderful, Counselor


Nov 28 The Lamb of God


Dec 5 My Father and My God


Dec 12 The Lord of Hosts


Dec 19 The God of Help


Dec 26 King of Kings

Meet the Principal Contributor to This Quarter's Lessons

Edwin R. Thiele (September 1895-April 14, 1986) began his work as home missionary secretary in the East Michigan Conference. He served for 12 years as editor and 2 years as manager of the Signs of the Times Publishing House in Shanghai, China.

While on furlough he taught religion at Washington Missionary College (now Columbia Union College) in Takoma Park, Maryland, and after permanent return from China, he taught at Andrews University for an additional 29 years.

During his years of service, Elder Thiele also authored numerous books and articles. Dr. Thiel gained recognition as a world-renowned expert on Old Testament chronology. His book, Mysterious Numbers of the Hebrew Kings, remains the foremost authority on Bible chronology in print today.

Giardina Sabbath School Study Helps

Jerry Giardina of Houston, Texas, prepares a series of helps to accompany the Sabbath School lesson. He includes all related scripture and most EGW quotations. These are provided in three wordprocessing versions Wordperfect; Microsoft Word;  RFT for our MAC friends; and HTML (Web Pages).

Last updated on September 29, 1998

Editorial Office: 12501 Old Columbia Pike, Silver Spring, MD 20904.
Principal Contributor: Edwin R. Thiele.
Editor: Philip G. Samaan.
Associate Editor: Lyndelle Brower Chiomenti.
Editorial Assistant: Soraya Homayouni Parish.
Art and Design: Lars Justinen.
Pacific Press Coordinator: Glen Robinson.

Copyright 1998 General Conference of Seventh-day Adventist. All Rights Reserved.

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