Evangelism & Outreach for Ordinary Members

  • Stories That Will Shift Your World – a series of short videos by Ty Gibson designed for today’s postmodern society. Good videos to present to non-believers who are searching for something to believe. Ty Gibson also wrote outstanding books for sharing.
  • Simple Church at Home – The Adventist House Church Network focuses on outreach to the unchurched who will not normally come to church. Also a good outreach method for Adventists living far away from organized churches.
  • The Seventh Day – great video of the history and significance of the seventh-day Sabbath. There are other videos on the topic, but this one is very professional and engaging.
  • Difficult Texts Made Simple. If we are serious about doing personal outreach, we will, sooner or later, run into “difficult texts.” William Earnhardt presents some of the questions you may meet and suggests how to give a simple answer.
  • Signs of the Times periodical to share. Some stories from this handy digest-format magazine are online. And you can send a hard-copy subscription to your friends from the online interface.

Sabbath School Links

Seventh-day Adventist Site Directories

Official Adventist Sites and Supporting Ministries

  • SDA World Church Headquarters
  • HopeTV Official Adventist TV station broadcasting 24×7 via satellite.
  • Revival and Reformation Find inspirational stories, devotionals, and resources for revival and reformation in your life and your church. Free InPrayer mobile app.
  • Ellen G. White Estate -Official site. Search published writings, read some of Ellen White’s books online. Listen to MP3’s of Pioneer stories. Read books about Ellen White.
  • Adventist Plusline One of the “best-kept secrets” of the Seventh-day
    Adventist Church. Check the website often for any workshops or conventions that will improve your ministry
  • ADRA: Adventist Development and Relief Society brings hope when disaster strikes or poverty seems hopeless.
  • Adventist World Radio goes where missionaries cannot go. You can listen online, and you can support this mission on the air waves.

Adventist Teachings

Bible Studies

Click on the heading to go to our page of Bible Studies.

Seventh-day Adventist History

Adventist Books

  • Adventist Book Center Online Buy online or find your nearest bricks-and-mortar store.
  • Adventist Books on, including Kindle format. If you will use this link, a small percentage (4%-8%) will help to defray Sabbath School Net hosting expenses. (There’s a free Android app to read books in Kindle format on a smartphone and another app to read Kindle books on a computer.)
  • A free Android App allows free downloads of almost all Ellen White writings. Unfortunately this is not available for the PC. However, you can go directly to and download the MP3 files for the books.)

Adventist Media

  • The Hope Channel Official Seventh-day Adventist TV channel. Award-winning Hope Channel is a global network with 23 Channels that cover Africa, Asia, Europe, South America, and the islands of the Pacific. Programs on each channel are contextualized for its local culture and and is broadcast in many languages including Spanish, Portuguese, German, Romanian, Mandarin, Russian, Tamil, Hindi, Ukrainian, Arabic, Farsi and Telugu. Downloadable program guide for your local channel. This is the broadcasting home of Hope Sabbath School.
  • Loma Linda Broadcasting Network Independent Seventh-day Adventist satellite network dedicated to sharing Christ and changing lives. Broadcasts in most of the major languages of the world.
  • Hope On Fire Relevant talk radio for young adults. Stated mission is “to present real-life experiences from people just like you, prayerfully seeking to impart a practical means to find God in your everyday life.” Deals with family and relationships, mental health, witnessing and missions, personal devotional life and corporate worship, healthy lifestyles, money and careers, and global trends.

Adventist Video Sermon Resources

  • David Asscherick sermons on Youtube. David is a dynamic presenter of a younger generation and partner with Ty Gibson and James Rafferty in Lightbearers Ministry.
  • Pioneer Memorial Church, Andrews University, sermons by Dwight Nelson in video and audio format, many with PDF note files.
  • Loma Linda University Church videos on Vimeo. Sermons by Randy Roberts and others.
  • Sligo Church, Takoma Park, MD, sermons by various preachers.
  • Adventist Communication Network supplies DVD’s of Adventist preaching.
    Vol 2 –  Majoring in the Minors, with Dwight Nelson, includes 8 of his favorite children’s stories
    Vol 5 – Dick Stenbakken’s “Faces Around the Cross” has dramatic presentation of various Bible characters and tells how to make Bible costumes, etc. Instructions on how to do this ministry. Good for youth Sabbath school.

Adventist and Other Christian News Sites

Christian Site Directories

Hymns Online

Graphic & Multimedia Sources

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Links — 3 Comments

  1. It seems foolish to pray when we are worried. The main reasen is that worry shuts down our communication link with God. It is one of the weapons in satan’s arsenal. Prayer is the counter attack for worry. It is not easy to keep worrying once you start giving God thanks for being awesome and faithful. Satan knows this. Part of his job is to camoflauge God. Once this happens we feel that we are all alone in trials and difficulties.
    It is not difficulties in life which get us frustrated and worried, it is feeling hopless, not having a way out. If we were to be constant in prayer we would reduce these feelings! We would take difficulties in our stride.
    Prayer changes the way we view our situations, not necessarkly because we pray about them. When we seek God’s kingdom first He adds to our lives those things which he wants to bless us with. One of those things is the abillity to take difficult times in our stride.
    When worry comes in like a flood a good praise and worship session will raise the ground we are standing on. We will find ourselves looking at our issues with new perspective.
    Prayer is POWERFUL! Wew miss it because it doesn’t come with gimmicks. It is simple. God requests it of us, but really it is a weapon in spiritual warfare. No wonder Christ kept on his knees!

    Profile picture of denise campbellSend a Reply

  2. I am appreciating the comment about worry and the giving of thanks as a powerful antidote to the sin of trying to do God's job for Him,(a definition for worry). The words which you had penned inspire to action. In the past, the greatest deterrent to my continual and instant prayer has been the idea that I was the one repsonsible for "working out my own salvation with fear and trembling", without realizing the second part of the verse as the most important part, that states, "for it is God that works in you to will and to do according to His good pleasure." I believe your comment exhibits clearly the understanding that we have this present help in time of need, if we will just trust and obey. If the Lord permits, the next time worry or similar emotions seem to overwhelm, I am going to follow in the footsteps of Jesus and pray for the will of our good Father anyway, with thanksgivings to Him who never slumbers in His active love. And thank you!I am blessed. Owen C. Reid

  3. Am learning anew thing here,that God did not give the law for salvation but as atool that guides us on how to live and all those who have accepted to live agodly life have already accepted to sign acovenant of keeping the promises that are written in the tablets but above all christ has renewed the covenant now the tablet covenant requires every sinner to die,Jesus has signed acovenant to die on our behalf so that we through His grace we may receive the promise of erternal life if at all we accept him but for those who dont enter into the covenant then they will receive death as its the terms and conditions otherwise


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