06: The Day of Atonement – Teaching Plan

Key Thought : The Day of Atonement services point forward to Christ’s work of investigative judgment in the heavenly sanctuary.gless06

[Lesson plan for The Day of Atonement November 4, 2013]

1. Have a volunteer read Leviticus 16:15,16,30.

a. Ask class members to share a thought on what the most important point in this text is.
b. What does the word “atonement” mean? Why does the Scripture say the atonement is necessary?
c. Personal Application : Is being judged a positive or negative thing according to the sanctuary service? How do you feel about living in the day of jusgment? Share your thoughts.
d. Case Study : One of your relatives states: “If people had already confessed their sins and slain the animal throughout the year, why was there a need for a goat to be slain in the Most Holy Place for those same sins?” How would you respond to your relative?

2. Have a volunteer read Leviticus 16:32-34

a. Ask class members to share a short thought on what the main idea of this text is.
b. What does this work on the Day of Atonement reveal about God’s justice, fairness, and mercy?
c. Personal Application: How can we learn not to remember our sins once they are forgiven? Why is it important to do so? Share your thoughts.
d. Case Study : One of your friends states, “Since the Jews had to, as a group, afflict their souls and pray on the Day of Atonement; is there anything we, as His corporate church, should be doing during this time of judgment?” How would you respond to your friend?

3. Have a volunteer read Leviticus 16:20-22

a. Ask class members to share a short thought on what the most important point is in this passage.
b. Why is it necessary for Satan to bear the sins of the people he has led astray? Is he actually being punished for their sins, or just his part in the corporate commission of those sins?
c. Personal Application : If the scapegoat is Satan, to what event does leading the goat out into the wilderness represent? Share your thoughts..
d. Case Study : One of your neighbors states, “Some people think that you people teach that Satan is part of the salvation process. Is this true?” How would you respond to your neighbor?

4. Have a volunteer read Numbers 29:11.

a. Ask class members to share a short thought on what the main idea of this text is.
b. Since there was a sacrificial offering besides the Atonement offering, what does this tell us about forgiveness during the period of judgment?
b. Personal Application: What do you think God’s people will be like when judgment is over and probation closes and there is no mediator and no more forgiveness? Share your thoughts.
c. Case Study : Think of one person who needs to hear a message from this week’s lesson. Tell the class what you plan to do this week to share with them.

(Note : “Truth that is not lived, that is not imparted, loses its life-giving power, its healing virtue. Its blessings can be retained only as it is shared.” MH p. 149.

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06: The Day of Atonement – Teaching Plan — 3 Comments

  1. The scape goat represented transfer of peoples' sins to the father of sin-satan so that he-satan can know the results of his lies.
    I have read this lesson and thank God for this substituionary plan of salvation. But one difficult term is meaning of atonement. However,be blessed.

    • [Moderator note: please use first and last names when commenting on this site. Thanks!]

      My understanding of the word Atonement is at-one-ment. The sins which have been committed and also sacrificed for and the blood would be sprinkled on linen between holy place and most holy place so on this day all the sins would cleansed at once

  2. I think now in this present time we have the possibility day by day to come before our Lord to request forgiviness and claim for clearness, because the resurrection of our Lord Jesus let us access to the Most Holy place, it is open for us day by day and Jesus our Great Priest is offering to His believers to be cleaned by His mercy and grace.
    We must claim for cleaning due we are sinners and the spots of sin are permanent in our live, due our nature, and our Lord wants to clean us and deliver us from the sin including the spot that the sin left in our soul, how amazing is this true that the sin left tracks in our soul that only can be eraser by His grace, and His blood is offered for our sins , oh Lord how great You Are! Thank You for give us the understanding for what is necessary to be clean, thank You so much!


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