08: Trusting God’s Goodness – Teaching Plan
Michael Fracker

Key Thought : We may not understand why tragedy happens, or injustice, violence, and evil; but we can trust God through it all.gless08

[Teaching plan for Trusting God’s Goodness May 20, 2013]

1. Have a volunteer read Habakkuk 1:2-5

A. Ask class members to share a short thought on what the main idea of this text is.
B. How can we learn to trust in God’s goodness and justice when the world is so full of evil and injustice?
C. Personal Application: Is it helpful to question God or complain about things with others? What might be some positive or negative results? Share.
D. Case Study: One of your relatives states, “Are we supposed to just have faith and not question God, or should we question why such terrible things are going on against good people?” How would you respond to your relative?

2. Have a volunteer read Habakkuk 2:1-4.

A. Ask class members to share a short thought on what the main idea of this text is.
B. Why does it say the proud will be destroyed? What’s wrong with having good self-esteem and self-confidence?
C. Personal Application: How can we protect ourselves from being forgetful on how completely dependent we are upon God for everything we have? Share your thoughts.
D. Case Study: One of your friends states, “Does our faith cause us to be declared righteous, or does living by faith help us become righteous? Can a person live by faith but not do what the Lord wants them to?” How would you respond to your friend?

3. Have a volunteer read Habakkuk 3:12-16.

A. Ask class members to share a short thought on what the main idea of this text is.
B. If God is going to destroy people for their evil and wickedness, why has He waited so long? It seems like things can’t get much worse.
C. Personal Application: How can we be sure we have rest and hope in Christ in times of trouble when the world seems to offer nothing but sorrow? Share your thoughts.
D. Case Study: One of your neighbors states, “Why would anyone want to be alive during the times of trouble and the seven last plagues? I think I’d rather be in the grave until the indignation is past, wouldn’t you?” How would you respond to your neighbor?

4. Have a volunteer read Habakkuk 3:17-19.

A. Ask class members to share a short thought on what the main idea of this text is.
B. How can the Lord sing and rejoice over us, considering the pathetic state we are in?
C. Personal Application: What can we do to become more cheerful and joyful in our interactions and relationships with others in the church? Share your thoughts.
D. Case Study: Think of one person who needs to hear a message from this week’s lesson. Tell the class what you plan to do this week to share with them.

(Note: “Truth that is not lived, that is not imparted, loses its life-giving power, its healing virtue. Its blessings can be retained only as it is shared.” MH p. 149)

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08: Trusting God’s Goodness – Teaching Plan — 7 Comments

  1. When we talk of purnishment, we need to know what it means and who deserves it. If we are to be punished by God no body will be left out, because the bible said that for all have sin and come short of the glory God. On the other hand jesus sait he love sinners but hate sin. GOD does'nt purnish in our generation today

  2. What can you say to a man I know. The wife is dead, two daughters of his are sickle cell patients. All he does at the end of the month is pay fees and send the daughters to the hospital. How can my friend rejoice in this state of his?

    • Rejoicing in the Lord is what will keep his mind at rest, because staying alone means that he will be thinking about them all day through, which is not good for his health. God should be the only one he depends on.

  3. Rejoice in the Lord means a life of total surrendering. The mind must be thinking that I am just a stranger in the world and I have another home where I am longing to be. While he is paying these bills, he should be looking forward to the day when sickness will be eradicated, no more pain, no more sadness and no more crying again. Jesus will give those who are faithful a crown of life.

  4. [PLease submit your full name with your comments. Thank you. ]

    Sumtyms we knw nt the plans of God, bt as i read 1corinthians 10: 11-13, showed m that God gives us power to overcum everythng n through exercising that power we cn see His goodness n rejoice in Him, in his words Jesus says, "i am da doctor to da sick...", n carries on to say on Psalm 55, "call m in times of need, i wil rescue you n u wil praise m"....God is a just God that favours all who by faith are conveterd to Him....even those who turn against His teaching...."His sun does nt only bring light to the righteous bt to all under da sky"......must he only trust in God, God z faithful to answer our prayers.

  5. The only thing, I can say about this gentleman is that he needs to be encouraged and given a moral support to help him come out of this stage. We can help his daughters to be lifted up to God for his mercy so that the daughters can be healed completely and there can be rejoicing in the home of this dear brother. I would only advise that we pray for him and his two daughters and God will definitely hear our prayers for this family. May God's peace and comfort be with this brother and his two daughters.

  6. The Lord has taught us that if we abide in Him, He is faithful and just to give us the peace that passeth all understanding. This means amid all the joys and sad moments we may encounter in this life, we will not get to a point of thinking tht God has moved out of the picture but rather we will be content and posses al the hope knowing His in control


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