08: Distractions from Worship – Discussion Questions

The Marshes had just moved to town and were exploring ideas for church attendance. The church they thought they liked best was an hour and a half drive away and overlooked a small valley of evergreen trees. It was small but beautiful, and the people seemed friendly.

The closest church was a bigger and older building, but neither Al nor Susan felt comfortable there.

“Too much show-off,” Susan said. “Too many distracting slides on the screen.”

“I agree,” Al said.  “And too much […]

08: Conformity, Compromise, and Crisis – Teaching Plan

Key Thought: Compromise between our own inclinations and God’s direction can lead to false worship, but we are to call and be called to repentance, obedience, and worship of the one true God.

1. Have a volunteer read I Kings 11:1-4.

A. Ask class members to share a short thought on what the main idea of this text is.

B. What harm is there in having romantic interaction with others who are not committed members of the SDA church?

C. Personal Application: Has having […]

07: Worship In the Psalms – Teaching Plan

Key Thought:  The Psalms give voice to the heart cries of seekers after God in a living dialogue of pleas, assurance, blessing, praise, and celebration.  

1.     Have a volunteer read Psalm 73:12-17.

A.  Ask class members to share a short thought on what the main idea of this text is.

B.   What knowledge of the sanctuary did David understand that clarified his knowledge of the rich and powerful who didn’t follow after God?

C.      […]

06: Worship and Song and Praise – Teaching Plan

Key Thought:  Song is an important medium whereby we express our contrition and need, recount God’s goodness, and offer Him glory and praise.

1.     Have a volunteer read I Chronicles 16:7-12.

A.    Ask class members to share a short thought on what the main idea of this text is.
B.   Why is it important to remember God’s works, wonders, and judgments in worship?
C.     Personal Application:  How can these ideas be reflected in our corporate worship of the Lord?
D.   Case Study :  […]

06: Majesty and praise in worship – Discussion Starters

Make Your Own Music

The psalmist David loved music. Maybe he played the drum or blew on a horn. Or maybe he sang in a sweet tenor voice. The Bible doesn’t tell us. But the Bible tells us clearly that David played a harp.

David learned to express his deepest feelings in music. Have you ever tried to do that? Here are some tips that might get you started writing your own songs of praise.

1. Start with the words. Choose a verse […]

05: Lesson Questions by JG

The following questions may be helpful to you in presenting the lesson to a class, at home, or alone. They are provided with the hope that they stir you to think and pray and not just react. Each set of questions corresponds to a section of the SSNET Lesson Guide, for this week Lesson 5.

1. Leading thought. Do you express joy when you’re attending a worship service? Do you arrive at the church where you worship feeling genuinely happy regardless […]

04: The Sanctuary and Worship – Teaching Plan

See Rejoicing Before the Lord: The Sanctuary and Worship (July 23)

Key Thought: The sanctuary worship services centered on God’s provisions to save us from sin and make us holy on a daily basis.

1. Have a volunteer read Exodus 25:1-9.

A. Ask class members to share a short thought on what the main idea of this text is.

B. Why did God ask Israel to make Him a dwelling place when no building can contain Him?

C. Personal Application: Do you really believe that […]

The Sanctuary and Worship

This week we are looking closely at the holy sanctuary, a subject that is fascinating to all Christians who base their faith on the whole Bible. Here are some questions you might want to ask yourself as you read and study the workings of the sanctuary in the desert as told in Exodus and Deuteronomy. First some thoughts about Sunday’s topic, “That I may dwell among them.”

1. What was the purpose of establishing the Sanctuary? The God who made all […]

03: Creation and Redemption – Thought Questions

Timothy was sitting in a fifth grade general science class at an Adventist school when a thought struck him like a bolt from the blue. He waved his hand at the teacher.
“Yes, Timothy?”
“Did you say that God created the world in seven days?”
“That’s what the Bible tells us.”
“Well, I don’t think He could do that.”
“Why not?”
“Because there’s too much in the world. Fish and birds and bugs and worms and snakes. Plus the human body. And all the animals and […]

02: The Idol – Thought Questions

Several teachers at an African secondary school were visiting one afternoon when one of them picked a stone carving out of his pocket and handed it around.

“This is an idol,” he said. “My yard boy gave it to me. He thinks this piece of rock has a lot of power.”

The head missionary in charge of the school came to his feet. “Give it to me,” he said.

The teacher […]