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  1. I like watching your lecture. God bless you for the good work.Remember me in prayers. I want to worship God in truth. (

  2. Dear Pastor Derick, Blessings in the wonderful name Jesus. I watched Hope Sabbath School today 18 February 2016. I missed a lot of the lessons that was discussed. However I did heard the question asked " what is the one thing would you like to thank God for?" I am not an Adventist even though I love the Advent Faith I worship at a small local Pentecostal church.The hope Sabbath School is the most of church fellowship I receive, besides regular fellowship with my family.This is so because I had surgery and not able to sit up well enough or leave home as yet. I thank God because he showed up right on time for me and my family. He proved to me that he is God and He is in Control. what happen was in December last year I felt that I was pregnant but all the test that I had done showed negative. I tested in January and it was positive and what shocked me the very day is that I started to menstruating BLACK 'yea!!! I was so scared. I was taken to the emergency room and did ultra sound but could not find the embryo. I began to feel so much pain that I should that I would Scream, but I wanted to be patient with the nurses and doctors. Pastor, over the two weeks and the last December I did about two ultrasounds and many pelvis exams and the pain persist . I kept on working my 7-3 job in that excruciating pain and because I love the children I teach and it would take my focus off the pain. At this time I was praying in over time. Because what makes a person worry is not knowing what is going wrong. My tummy at this time the 27 of January so noticeable of a 6mths pregnant woman and You can imagine the size, I was embarrassed to say that doctors could not find my baby and when friends asked when I was due I was so devastated but I kept praying that God will Show the doctors where the baby was. I had my last doctor's appointment to redo another ultrasound. I got there on the 29th of January 2016 and while doing the ultra sound I was praying, praying for my life, and for my children. The doctor said to me sorry "Mrs. James I am not seeing any embryo but your tummy is so extended, it is impossible for me not to see anything, please get up empty your balder and please wait outside a little." It was at that MOMENT I realize I am going to drive 60 miles and die if God don't step in. I sat out side among other women listening to how they are discussing due dates, and other stores of their children. I knew that I needed God to come through like he has never before. The doctor then called me back in, when I was hoping to be given pictures of the ultra sound she said relax I am going to do another pelvic exam. I say yes lord please show her; and He did. She did A trans-vaginal Ultra sound and found 9 weeks embryo already ruptured. I was rushed to a hospital to which the appropriate surgery was done and. The doctor told me that she has never met anyone that lived after having a ruptured ectopic pregnancy that was there for over one week, and that my tummy was swollen because fluid and blood was accumulated in by tummy. God proved to me that he merciful, compassionate and great towards those who would pray without ceasing and trust Him through adversity.
    In addition,He affirms how precious I am and all life is to him. Glory be to Jesus.

    • Praise God, I'm so glad He helped you! I know you will continue to live for Him and let Him lead you to truth and eternal life with many others! Blessings!!

    • Dear Odessa James, Happy Sabbath to you. Today is 20th Feb, 2016. I woke up and read my daily Bible chapters, which include Psalm 27:7 - 14 and Mark 10:13 - 31. After that I turned on my desktop computer to study this week Sabbath school lesson. I saw and read through your life story. I was awed by your story. That was God (our Creator and Father's job) indeed. As soon as I finished reading your story, I remembered those above Bible verses. If you have time you may read them. I would like to point out some verses from those two chapters. David was in situation when he felt like he was forsaken, rejected (abandoned)while nothing good for him in the land of the living. But he prayed, "Hear my voice when I call, Lord; be merciful to me and answer me." then, he said, "I remain confident of this: I will see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living. Wait for the Lord; be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord." And Jesus' words when he responded his disciples in Mark - "Jesus looked at them and said, "With man this is impossible, but not with God; all things are possible with God." Sister, May God be praised through your life testimony. Yes, sometimes we don't understand what we have been through but we just need to trust and have strong faith in God. May God bless you and your job.


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