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HopeSS: The Holy Spirit and the Gifts of the Spirit — 6 Comments

  1. To Pr Derek and team. You have a wonderful group of people with bible knowledge. Hope Sabbath school is an inspiration to me and my family weekly. I love listening to Hope Sabbath School because it inspires me to love sabbath school lesson and the word of God. Thankyou so much team.

    • Thank you, Kesese. We try to bring people from a diversity of backgrounds. Some are pastors, some are teachers, some health professionals but all with a love for the Word of God. We are happy that you are inspired and strengthened for Sabbath School. We hope you continue watching and being blessed.

  2. I like your comments and the other articles you have on the website. It is my intention that I have more of such do that as I prepare for teaching on Sabbath I can be more equipped. They will also bless me a lot.

  3. I always blessed with the hope Sabbath school and i have learned a lot from you pastor and all your crews here in Lilongwe Malawi At Likuni SDA CHURCH

  4. Dear Hope SS team, is love a gift or a fruit! This discussion leaves confusion! My understanding has always been that love is a fruit that all Christ's followers cultivate and produce thru the indwelling of Christ/Holy Spirit! If it is a gift then the holy spirit gives it to some and not others, are not gifts diverse and given to build up the church. Love as a fruit is needed even after the church is built it never ends!?

    • Dear Sharon,

      Sorry for the confusion. Love is listed at the first in the list of the fruit of the spirit. 1 Corinthians 13 also makes clear that love is the greatest and most important. While it is true that every good thing we do comes not from us but from God, we can not truly be Christians if we do not have love. Jesus made this clear in Matthew 22 that loving God and others is the greatest commandment. The "gifts" of the spirit are a different discussion and relate more to management and skills to help further the work of Christ on earth. Love must be the center of all these efforts and each of us must abide by its principles to truly live the fruit of the spirit.


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