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  1. The conversion of the Jews were a striking proof of the power of truth. It is probable that they had been opposed to the gospel with quite as much hostility as any other class of the Jews. And it is now mentioned, as worthy of special record, that the gospel was sufficiently mighty to humble even the proud, and haughty, and selfish, and envious priests to the foot of the cross. One design of the gospel is to evince the power of truth in subduing all classes of people; and hence, in the New Testament we have the record of its having actually subdued every class to the obedience of faith. And from this we may learn that it is not by miracles that sinners are to be converted unto God, but by the preaching of Christ dying for their offenses, and rising again for their justification.

    The conversion took place because the Word of God spread

    12 For the word of God is alive and active. Sharper than any double-edged sword, it penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow; it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart. 13 Nothing in all creation is hidden from God’s sight. Everything is uncovered

    • The resisting Jews considered it a new(false) religion, and it was different than what they had come to believe, which was a man-made perversion of what had been handed down through Moses. Yet truth had not changed, only fulfilled, and the Savior had now entered into the next phase of His work for those who believe in Him, which had been typified by the types and shadows.

    • I should think that they just believed in Christ for the first time and were baptized not because they had followed other gods. It must have been similar circumstances as that of Paul when he re-baptized people that had been baptized under John's baptism, he had simple introduce Christ to them

  2. There were many Jews who were led by the Spirit that accepted truth when they heard it. Only those whose hearts were already softened would have been willing to take their stand against the powerful Jewish leaders.

    • Yes, then we will find Sunday that Seven were chosen to be ordained, layed on of hands, and prayed over, and for, in despiration, urgency, and expectancy. They were more filled with the Holy Spirit, doesn't imply that they were the only chosen to be saved. The ones who stayed home to pray for them and continue to put food on the tables, had a wounderful relationship with Christ also. What did we learn one quarter a couple of years ago here. Its in the relationship brothers and sisters, it is in the realtionship with Christ that counts. If we don't have a relationship with Christ. He will have to say what He said at the end of His sermon on the mount. Matthew 7:21-24. Why did He save it to last, so He would not lose His audience? Back to the Seven, this decision of the brothern resulted in success. Acts 2:2-7. We often 'reprove' the brothern of our these times church, before we even see the success. Then when we do see the success we are often blinded to the fact that they are lead by the Holy Spirit too. Thats why it is best to keep our eyes on Christ rather than man. What we can do for our pastors and brothern is pray fervently for them.

  3. The holy spirit moved the disciples to spread the gospel starting from Jerusalem to all parts of the world,converting the hard hearted people to believe in Christ.some didnot accept but that didnt discourage the early leaders to spread the Gospel.Even us now lets spread the gospel nomatter what.


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