09: Discipling the Powerful – Thought Starters
Joyce Griffith

[Thought questions for Discipling the Powerful February 26, 2014] 1. Introduction.  Have you ever thought of yourself as powerful? Have you ever held a position of authority that led others to think of you as powerful? When you were a youngster, did you ever long for a position that would place you as the person … [Click to read more …]

Further Study: Love and Judgment

Compare the following two quotations with the messages presented in Hosea 7-14 . “Through nature, through types and symbols, through patriarchs and prophets, God had spoken to the world. Lessons must be given to humanity in the language of humanity. . . . The principles of God’s government and the plan of redemption must be clearly … [Click to read more …]

Thursday: Healed, Loved, and Nurtured

Some ancient scholars viewed the Lord, as revealed in the Old Testament, as harsh and unforgiving, in contrast to Jesus, as revealed in the New. Why is that such a wrong conclusion? How does the message of Hosea 14 help to show just how wrong that conclusion is? What does this chapter reveal about God’s character and … [Click to read more …]

02: Love and Judgment : God’s Dilemma – Teaching Plan
Michael Fracker

Key Thought: Hosea reveals more of God’s love in the challenge of justice and judgment. [Teaching Plan for Love and Judgment: God’s Dilemma April 8, 2013] 1. Have a volunteer read Hosea 10:12,13. A. Ask class members to share a short thought on what the main idea of this text is. B. How do we … [Click to read more …]

Monday: A Trained Heifer

Read Hosea 10:11-13. What message is the Lord giving to His people here? How do we understand the phrase, “until he comes and showers righteousness on you”? (NIV). In Hosea 10, God’s child Ephraim is compared to a trained heifer who loves to thresh grain because she could eat as she threshed. Thus, instead of being productive, … [Click to read more …]

Sunday: Easily Deceived and Senseless

Religious Stock Image yoke yoked evenly

“‘Ephraim is like a dove, easily deceived and senseless—now calling to Egypt, now turning to Assyria. When they go, I will throw my net over them; I will pull them down like birds of the air. When I hear them flocking together, I will catch them’” (Hos. 7:11-12, NIV). Read these verses in context. What … [Click to read more …]

Sabbath: Love and Judgment: God’s Dilemma

Read for This Week’s Study: Hos. 7:11-12, 10:11-13, Matt. 11:28-30, Rom. 5:8, 1 Pet. 2:24, Hosea 14. Memory Text: “But you must return to your God; maintain love and justice, and wait for your God always” (Hosea 12:6, NIV). Key Thought: Hosea reveals more of God’s love for His wayward people. A common way in which biblical authors talk about God’s love relationship with … [Click to read more …]