Inside Story: God is My Rock

Courtesy of GC Office of Adventist Mission

I’m Angelo. I live in Madagascar, the large island off the eastern coast of Africa. My parents are Christians, but they attended different churches and often fought over what to believe. To me church worship became a source of arguments, not an act of love.

AngeloCourtesy of GC Office of Adventist Mission

When I was 10 years old my mother wanted to enroll me in a Christian school where I would be in a better environment. She found an Adventist school […]

Inside Story: Samba Jean’s Dilemma

Samba Jean loved going into the forest near their mountain home in central Madagascar to collect herbs for his magic. Although his family calls themselves Christians, his father sees no problem mixing Christian beliefs with witchcraft. He uses sticks and bones to determine who has cursed someone, and he uses magic and traditional herbs to break curses, bring good luck, and heal his clients.

When Samba Jean was 14, a friend invited him to attend evangelistic meetings. Samba Jean listened intently […]

Inside Story: Facing the Challenge

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Sandy and Yolande love working as Global Mission pioneers in the western highlands of Madagascar.

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The couple learned their new dialect while working in the fields with the villagers among whom they live. Sammy helped the people plant and harvest their crops, and Yolande braided the women’s hair. Then the couple invited their new friends to learn about Christ.

They started a literacy center to teach the villagers to read and write better. Yolande teaches the […]

Inside Story: Twice a Fisherman

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Fabrice knew nothing of God or Jesus.

As a fisherman, he spent weeks at a time on board a ship. One day one of the sailors gave him a book about God. He read it with great interest. Following the book’s instructions, Fabrice prayed his first prayer.

Fabrice wondered which Christian faith was the true path to God. He really didn’t know who God was or where to find answers to his questions, but he continued praying in the only way he […]