Inside Story: Making a Difference

Willem Hifikepunye
Courtesy of CG Adventist Mission

When I was a child, my family lived near the Adventist church in our town in northern Namibia. Mother took us to church, though we weren’t Adventists. I liked church. On Sabbath afternoon, we’d go to Himba villages to sing and talk to them about God. Then when I was 8 years old, we moved away, and I couldn’t go to church anymore.

Willem HifikepunyeCourtesy of CG Adventist Mission

As I grew up I began bullying other kids at school. [...]

Inside Story: The Disobedient Daughter

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Irunga stepped outside the mud hut that was her father’s home.

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She had hoped that he would understand that becoming a Christian didn’t mean she was rejecting her family’s traditions. She loved her family, but now God was more important.

Irunga is a Herero, a tribal people living in northern Namibia. She grew up watching her grandfather sit before the holy fire and talk to the ancestors, asking them to tell God the family’s concerns.

When she [...]