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  1. Thank God for this lesson. However, I have a question," I cant seem to have any of the above mentioned qualities especially peace and joy, not that i dont that God is there for me, but its just that even when nothing is wrong am always worried about something, the more i make things run in the right direction, the more i become worried about the next thing in line,not that i dont trust God,its just that I am like that, So how can i learn to live peacefully and joyfully??, I need some practical suggestions that can help me out. Thank you and God Bless you

    • Dear Sevvume, I recommend practicing thankfulness. Make a point of looking for reasons to thank God every day and throughout the day. It will help you stay conscious of His care for you. And it will give you the joy God has promised. One of my favorite verses is found in Neh 8:10 "The joy of the Lord is your strength." Thankfulness produces joy and that gives strength in so many ways - as I have experienced. 🙂

      You can have a running conversation with God in your mind, thanking Him for everything and anything that is positive - from the fact that you have two good feet, hands, the ability to community. Thank Him for the sunshine. Thank Him for the rain. Thank Him for the sunrise. Thank Him for the sunset, etc. etc. 🙂

      • Your reply is a good relief for me cos I suffer the same problem as Solomon. God bless you for this answer it has blessed mine life I have began being thankful and have seen changes.

    • Ssevvume we fit into two categories. Optimistic and pessimistic. The old half empty or half full glass analogy. It appears that yours is pessimism, worrying about being worried. The first thing that enters my mind in the morning is, I am thankful to be alive to see a new day. None of us can guarantee that. God provides and we accept.

    • Have you ever tried to just live one day at a time? Try to live with the I Am, and not with the I was or the I am going to be. We are told that "worry is blind and cannot disearn the future."

    • Click to buyHi Ssevvume, I understand what you are saying but one question to you:How did you get to believe that "its just that I am like that"? It's either that you or someone else told it to you long enough for you to start believing it. We learn what we know, so if that prior thought can be learned, then it can be unlearned. Keep positive. There is this book titled Telling yourself the truth by William Backus, that might be helpful. God bless.
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    • Sevvume, here is a step by step PRACTICAL and effective way to get rid of your worrying. It is based on Inge's suggestion about being thankful will bring joy and peace to your heart based on Neh 8:10. (Read Inge's reply to your request)

      1. At the top of a piece of paper, write down Neh 8:10. Right after the verse, write down the following "Thank you Jesus for (...) so I can (...)

      2. Then, in vertical by the edge of the paper, write down the numbers from 1 to 10.

      3. On the right side of each number, write down 10 words, each word representing something (feet, hands, SSNet, air, shoes, teeth, chair, window, car, computer, etc)

      4. Now is time to read LOUD, and even if you don't feel it read it to Jesus with a happy and grateful tone of voice. Began by reading Neh 8:10, and then take the first word in the list and say "Thank you Jesus for my feet so I can walk"

      5. Repeat this exercise several times in the day, at least 3 times. -Remember, say it Loud, not in your mind. Don't worry about people around you, most likely they will get "contagious" from you; but if bothers you or you cannot say it loud because your are in the library or whatever, go outside and do it

      6. Next day -day #2- you will not only repeat everything as day number 1, but you will add 10 more items/thing to your list, making it to 20 things

      7. Day #3 add another 10 new items, and now you have for 30 specific things to be grateful to Jesus.

      8. Keep adding 10 new things everyday until day #10. By day #10 you will have 100 specific things (from small and insignificant things, to normal things.. or even big things. It doesn't matter what it is)

      The simplicity and easy to do this, gives plenty of room to doubt that such exercise of gratitude is of not effect whatsoever. Naaman (2 Kings 5; whole chapter) thought that dipping in the Jordan river was so simple and easy that was actually an insult to his intelligence. Please don't let yourself fall into the same. Just Do It!

      At the end of the ten-days (day 11) start the whole process again for another 10 days but new items not mentioned in the first ten days most be added. At the end of day 20 (day 21) began another 10 days. Now, you have 30 days (one month) of gratitudes. If you run out of items, look at nature (stones, water, leaves, animals ...I mean, there are millions of thing/items... but most likely you are creative as well to come out with things.

      At the end of the month, repeat and do month #2 and even one more month. Do it for three months -90 days. However, I will not be surprised if by day 7 or 10, you will be not only a worry-free person, but a peaceful and joyful person... that's if you follow exactly the instructions above.

      (I learned this exercise from listening to Glenn Coon's sermons -AudioVese app; iOS & Android. I have done it and others too who I suggested to do it, and we all found incredible "miracles" taking place in our lives as result from doing such simple and fun exercise)

      Come back and tell us of the victory Jesus gave you and the peace and joy you are experiencing ?


        • Well, bless your heart, Dina, there was indeed an error, but no one else apparently noticed it. ?

          I corrected the comment to give the correct reference, Neh 8:10, particularly the last portion which is one of my favorite Bible texts: "The joy of the Lord is your strength."

    • One thing that has helped me, is when I see other people's problems (co-workers, patients, friends), it doesn't take long to realize how blessed and thankful I am for the problems that I have, rather than trading for someone else's troubles!

    • Every command of God is a promise. For every specific problem in life there is a specific promise (command) in the Bible for its solution. For solving the problem of worry, there is Phil 4:6. If we are lacking in joy, there is Phil. 4:4. If we need peace there is Phil. 4:7. In fact, Phil 4:4-9 has all that God with His Holy Spirit's help has for us to do in His strength that will give us His peace, joy, and freedom from worry or anxiety.

  2. Within the last 9 months I lost my aunty to an incurable illness. My cousin's brother (my aunty's son) died in his sleep just before christmas at 40 years of age, leaving behind a very young family of 4 children. It has been very hard to say the least. But since the loss, I thank God for the blessed hope of being able to see them again on the day of resurrection, I have peace because I put at Jesus feet all that I have been worrying about and I daily pray for God's patience to heal from the painful loss that me and the wider family have experienced. I cannot imagine how I would cope if I did not have my faith in Jesus to carry me through.

  3. Thank you Inge. Very helpfull tips. May we all do this exercise of being patient in God's peace! Latelly, we have let ourselves be surrounded by too many distractions! We are bombed by an excess of information that sometimes we don't even need, and forget about what is really happening to us. Being thankfull is a good way of practicing patience and celebrating the peace of the Spirit!

  4. Thank you for this lesson this morning. After reading
    "Because the God of peace will be with us (Phil. 4:9) through the Holy Spirit, we will not be quarrelsome and vengeful toward others. Instead we will seek to live as peaceably as possible with everyone (Rom. 12:18)."

    It really opened my eyes. My daughters quarrel on daily basis and it's becoming worse. Please pray for me and my family. My daughters no longer want to attend church or Sabbath school.

    They grew up Adventist, attending Adventist school (pre-K -8th grade) and yet they have lost interest in attending church or anything surrounding our church. They have expressed to me that they are "churched out."

    Having peace in your home, in your heart, and your life is a gift. No amount of money can take the place of peace.
    Thank you for this lesson this morning. I really received it. Please pray for me and my girls. The way they talk to one another and fight one another is beyond disturbing. I pray with them everyday but Satan is trying to pull them away. I have no peace and I need your prayers.

    • Nothing more disheartening then to see the ones you lived for, now are fighting for independence, even from God. Only time and prayer can take hold of them. You have prayed for Christ likeness, now you are living Christ's experience. Your reaction will play a big part. I have been there also. God and time is your answer. If they are breathing God is not finished with them yet. Praying for you and them, really.

  5. There was a gospel song that stated "The battle is not ours but the Lord's"
    I disagreed at first, as everyday there was something to contend with...Then I read the bible verse "I will never leave or forsake you, I will be with you 'til the end of days, (Hebrews 13:5 NIV). And why worry, the birds always find food, never worry about tomorrow for it can take care of itself, (Matthew 6:25-34 NIV). I now totally get it, no matter what the situation I take it straight to God, in prayer:anger, frustration, happiness, joy anything I'm feeling and He takes over. What a friend we have in Jesus. That my christian brothers and sisters is how to find peace with each day and ourselves.

  6. Ssevvume, I have an understanding of how you feel. The best way to deal with this issue is to trust God at His word. He had said in Phil 4:6-7 --Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. 7 And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. Make it your duty everyday and throughout the day to ask God to empty you of self and have His Holy Spirit to bathe and consume you. Be contented and thankful in your life. He said in all things we are to come before him with singing and thanksgiving (Ps 100). Don't give in to the pressures of this life. Know that God is good and His righteous right hand is over all His children. Treat yourself kindly for you are a child of the King.

  7. Patience has always been difficult for me. I thank God that as I grow older He helps me to have a more restful attitude during times of waiting. There's more patience to learn but I'm thankful for the way He's led this far.

  8. Inge, you could not have said it any better. The very fact that you are breathing is enough to give thanks. I can attest to the fact that continuous thanks giving does give you peace of mind. There are so many misfortunes that sorround us everyday and for some reason, it bypasses us. So let us give thanks for everything.

  9. Studied recently. Joy, peace, patience are attributes of the Holy Spirit. Nursing gave me patience!..definitely.
    Joy is exuberance about life.
    Peace is serenity....calm in the murky waters, storms of this rabid life. The absence of these attributes is soon evident to those with whom we associate..even for a short while..
    Patience is a willingness to stick with things, active endurance. It's about living a holy life which is only possible as we rely on Him. Abide in Christa, be obedient ..he has called us. He searches us all out.
    All is possible thru Him. Seems like some of us are 'born with these attributes or more easily to cultivate such habits. For some we must petition Him. Remember Peter was impetuous until he fell @ his Master's feet. He is working on us for completion. God bless us all. Thanks for sharing, enjoying.

    • Leonard, what does the Bible teach us? Patience is a fruit of the Spirit, so we must have the Spirit. The Spirit can only come to the soul that is empty of self, which shows us our work of the self denial that Jesus said all who would follow Him must have(Matt 16:24). This is the fight of faith.

      2 Peter 1:5-7 shows the steps in the sanctified life, and temperance must come before patience can be added. If we follow temperance, patience will result in the Spirit filled life.

        • Inge, what I have learned about temperance has helped me to understand "gospel order" much better. I can try all I want to be more patient and yet fail, but when temperate in all things, the mind is found in a much better state and impatience seems so senseless. If we are not well rested, properly nourished and hydrated, etc, we are much more prone to irritation. But who doesn't understand that? Ok, perhaps many. Add to this the taking of harmful substances, and the mind becomes clouded and narrow.

          Learning how to follow the Bible principles in health has made a difference in mental outlook and ability to understand the Word of God and see more clearly His goodness and grace, making it more attractive and desired, and thus, more often prayed for. Others have found the same experience through health reform, and the words of Peter have been shown to be full of wisdom and truth. Focusing on what we can do in choosing to be more temperate, will lead to the patience we desire and must have to continue of that path of the sanctified life.

          We have also the example of Daniel's life don't we?

          • Start each day with a prayer for God's leading that day as you surrender you will to His, and then acknowledge God in all your ways(Prov 3:6). To do this we must understand what the will of God is(Eph 5:17), which we will learn by the daily study of His Word given to us for the very purpose of teaching us His will, while praying constantly for the ability to understand it so we can follow it. The Holy Spirit cannot dwell if we are in opposition to the will of God in anything and are aware of it.

            Peter, who places temperance before patience(self-control), places knowledge before temperance(2 Peter 1:5-7). We need a knowledge of what true temperance is and how to apply it in our lives. Along with the principles of temperance found in scripture, there are good books that will guide the seeking of this knowledge on health, which are simple to follow in our daily lives.

            For a good book, I would recommend "Ministry of Healing", by Ellen White. This book is recognized around the world as a wonderful reference for any wishing to follow God's counsel on living a life of true temperance. God promises to bring us the knowledge we seek if we seek with all our heart(Jer 29:13). This means we will follow what God teaches us. Claim His promises, such as Ps 32:8, in faith, and then act on whatever God brings to you in answer to your prayer.

    • Practice!. I am not a very patient person either. A good place for me to practice patience is to go to a fast food restaurant. Most likely your order will be incorrect or the wait staff will not be attentive to your presence. Have fun reminding the folks you are there or correcting your order. But it does take a life long practice!

  10. Good luck, Kim. Practice makes perfect.

    As for me, I try to make a short prayer to prevent myself from making an outburst. Sometimes I get carried away before I can even make that prayer (I admit). But as fast as it spills out of my mouth, I will quickly ask the Lord to rein me in.

    That's what Christianity is all about, it is Him who gives us the strength to overcome our sins and sinful thoughts.

  11. God is practical in all his ways so just trust him he will do it for you. it is the work of the holy spirit because if you truly accept Jesus Christ he grants the gift of the holy spirit. we are saved by grace and faith not by our works so we do not have the powers to change our nature it is done by the holy spirit allow him to do his work in you


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