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This book contains the most complete and detailed scholarly study of the biblical phrase “feasts, new moon or Sabbath” in Colossians 2:16. Most interpreters have argued that the sequence indicates yearly feasts, monthly celebrations, and the seventh-day Sabbath. Ron du Preez carefully argues that the term sabbath does not designate the seventh-day Sabbath in that passage, thus seriously undermining the prevailing view.

  • The Lost Meaning of the Seventh Day by Sigve K. Tonstad

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    Sigve Tonstad goes beyond apologetics for the seventh-day Sabbath to demonstrate that an understanding of the Sabbath is foundational to an understanding of the gospel and of the character of God. He argues that the seventh day is the symbol of God’s faithfulness precisely when God’s presence seems to be in doubt. He demonstrates how God, through the seventh day, seeks the benefit of all creation. Inevitably, this leads to an investigation of how this universal symbol became obscured. He traces the seventh day as it is woven throughout Scripture and the history of Christianity. Its twenty-seven chapters consider, among other things, the relationship of the seventh day to freedom, to social conscience, to the “greatest commandment,” and to the enigmatic “rest that remains.” Tonstad engages the move away from the seventh day in early Christian history, the mindset in medieval Christianity, and the sobering long-term implications leading all the way to the Holocaust and the ecological crises in our time. Even though the content compares well with any scholarly work, Tonstad writes in an engaging and accessible style. Highly recommended.