How Our Store Works

[This is specific to the US store, but also describes how the Canada store works.]

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Like displays in a brick-and-mortar store, our “store” is mainly meant to direct your attention to some of the things available on or that might interest you. These are just samples of what you can find on Amazon.

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Most likely you will want more information than our store pages provide.  You can find more underneath “Add to Shopping Cart,” where you may see something like 33 new or used available from $35.92. A click on that will take you to Amazon. There you will see something like “Return to product information” just under the product name. If you click on that, you can scroll down the page and read customer reviews, as well as see recommendations for similar items. Or you can click on a link like this: (9 customer reviews). If you do, it will taker you to the page, which has more information.

If you want to go back to browse our store, you’ll probably find that the tab for our store is still open in your browser. Just click on it. Then click on the category of your choice. (You’ll find that the <Back> navigation in your browser will also come in handy.)

buy-at-amazonWith most of our “Selected Titles,” you will see the notice that the item is not available in the store, because it is in digital form, with an invitation to “Buy at” or “Buy at” If you click on that, you may see the other formats – paperback or hardback – in which those items are available.

Amazon will still pay a small advertising fee if you buy something on the main or or sites, provided you got there through one of our links. If you leave your computer and you come back 90 min. later, clicking through one of our links again will ensure that we get credit for the purchase. add-to-cart

When you browse our selections and find something you really like, by all means click on the “Add to Shopping Cart” button. You can always change your mind, and Amazon will ask you several times whether you are “sure” whether you want what you just chose. Be sure to indicate that you are sure! You finally end up on the main Amazon site, and you get a chance to “Proceed to checkout.” After you click on that, you get a chance to create an account, provide a credit card number, that sort of stuff.

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Just for fun, you can also check out what other SSNET visitors bought (see links below). Just be aware that these pages are full of images and will take a long time to load unless you have a broadband connection.

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