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  1. One of the family institutions that is often neglected these days is family worship, particularly when the children become teenagers and there are so many things that impact on our time. I know that nailing kids down for a few minutes of spiritual blessing can be difficult.

    When I was a kid (yes I can remember back that far) we read the morning watch and had a prayer in the morning, and after tea (supper for non-Australians) we would read the lesson study together and have a prayer. We lived on a dairy farm and it was relatively easy to organize our time to do this. When our own children were young we followed a similar practice, but it was more difficult as time was much harder to manage. The effort does pay dividends and provides a cultural experience of shared spirituality.

    It is important that worship is not seen as an onerous fulfillment of duty. I have seen situations where family worship has become a nightmare where sullen kids are forced to sit through boring readings that have little meaning to them.

    I have mentioned previously that on one of our travels we were in the dining room of a hotel where a Jewish family group was opening Sabbath. It was a gala occasion and the singing and storytelling when on for quite some time. Notably, the children in the group had a key role in the storytelling and as each child contributed you could see the parental affirmation and the effect it had on the children. This was Jewish culture functioning at its very best and I have to admit I was a touch envious of what was taking place. The tour group that I was with (largely unchurched folk) were also impressed.

    There is a lot of room for creatively developing our "Adventist" culture so that it provides a rich supportive spiritual experience, that goes beyond the cerebral understanding of doctrine.

    Jesus said:

    But Jesus called the children to him and said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these. Lue 18:16NIV

    He knew where to grow our spiritual experience.

    • That first line?-absolutely well said.
      Good one.
      So is sentence number two-easier said than done.
      Excellently said. And thank You for sharing with the rest of it


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