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  1. This quote speaks to the age old philosophical question of whether there is any true altruism... I am not sure that I agree with it’s conclusion, though it could start an interesting discussion.

  2. An interesting quote in the beginning of this weeks lesson - "Those who perform outwardly good works do them from fear of punishment or love of gain and glory, or otherwise from pleasure in a certain object, but not from a willing and ready mind." This may really be the hot debate. I agree with Michael Thornton this will really continue to be the huge debate.

  3. One must keep in mind that this is Martin Luther who had attempted to be a devote monk, living in isolation, probably flogging himself and all the rest that they did to demonstrate their devotion. Through grace and the in dwelling Spirit, I believe we can develop the inclination to do things for the right reasons as we draw closer to God through the Word and as we learn to respect ( fear ) His way. The inner desires and sinful inclination will never be gone in this world until we are changed and made new but the Sporit will help shape our character in preparation for that day. Praise God for His power working through us to do the right thing for the right reason.

  4. let the memory verse guide us Romans 3:23 i agree with M Luther it is natural for man to commit sin. because if you read Paul writings Romans 3:10-18 as it is written there is none righteous, no, not one; there is none who understands, there is none who seeks after God. and if read these verse's Matthew 9:36 John 10:11, Isaiah 40:11, 63:11 and Ezekiel 34:13 you will see Jesus the Divine Shepherd came and search for us not us seek him but Him came to search for the lost sheep

  5. "It’s wired in our genes as is the color of our eyes."

    Can we change the colour of our eye?
    If I have sin in my genes why strive to fight the good fight because I cannot chooose, sin is in me,so NO OTHER OPTION?!
    "If the sin is wired in our genes" that means we were programmed to sin. So God promotes sin and sinful life. Sad conclusion from a false premise.

    If my father was an alcoholic is it sure I will become an alcoholic? Yes I will inherit this propensity toward alcoholism but no one will force me to drink except my free will.
    If my grandmother died of diabetes I will sure die of the same invalidant disease? No we, as illuminated christians know or should know better that the lifestyle makes the big difference.
    If my mother ......and so on...

    Putting a false premise will only lead to a false conclusion. And sadly but the ennemy of the soul delightes when sees the people of God misleaded.


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