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  1. IN this modern age and all laws that protect rights of people and religion and maintain order are laws that prohibit instability and included in it legislation that prohibit discrimination or public rally or campaign to belittle or cause stir among people, religious racial disturbances. So with this in mind we should be aware of these and plan and work towards adhering to these laws, for eventually they will be in full force to prohibit us from being like the prophets as custodians and protectors of God's Immutable Law and Love that includes warning against impending Judgment and Paurosia or Second Coming.
    1). We should quickly evangelize quickly in various ways of evangelism, public, individual, TV and social medias.
    2). Or vary our way of presenting the method while the message remains the same.
    3). Or we employ a types of presentation of our message for example person to person evangelism to avoid public laws curtail curtail us as a church or individual from being mitigated against such laws.
    We should be cunning as a snake and wise with humility as a Dove so that our message and mission is not hampered nor deemed as unlawful and causing public disturbances or nuisances. We need to see that a balance is maintained being tactful in our approach and presentation but not devaluing our message for the message must not be added nor edited but remain as status qou but friendly public respecting individual, group rights and freedom without restraints and bias. If we are Christ oriented and merciful we will adapt our presentation that avoid legal redress but public friendly at the same time message that is true to the contents without editions nor censure.

    • This seems to say that we should lurk and hide...the word says that if you are ashamed of him he will be ashamed of you...Man law coddles evil and sin ..especially those new laws pertaining to living lives of sin. The reason that these laws have come to life is Christians laying back and not speaking up...The Lords disciples stood up for him and went to jail if necessary. What we need to do is stop being jelly backed Christians and stand up instead of conforming, compromising, hiding and allowing the twisting of the word to fit sinful ways.

    • God has never placed any man to protect His Law! God's law can never need protection or guardianship, if it is His Law!

      • The Sabbath is for man and not man for the Sabbath(Mark 2:27). Here we see a principle, the commands and precepts given by God was for man benefit, God gave these to us in Love and they are good and righteous. Gods Laws can be misrepresented by mankind, By the law comes the knowledge of sin. Gods Law is protected through righteousness, as a result we are call to be Light to the World, Salt of the Earth, We live and thus reflecting the righteousness and the truth of Gods trust worthiness and blessings. We are integral in "protecting" the Law.

  2. God does not change. We as His messengers are still held at the same standards of obedience as was the Prophets of old. What a great privilege to live in this time. Praise be to the Most High God and Jesus Christ His only begotten Son.

    • It is true that God does not change, but sometimes that statement means that I have this opinion about God and I am not going to change it. Our experience with God is, or should be, a journey where our vision of God is growing and we see Him more and more. And if I may be a bit bold, we may have to discard some of our preconceived notions of God in the process.

      When I was a high school student I learned about atoms and the placement of electrons around the nucleus. When I became a university chemistry student, I realised how simplistic that picture was. Likewise, many of us start out with a simplistic (often selfish) view of God and that view should change as we develop our relationship with Him.

  3. The prophets in the Bible that were called by God, were historically for a specific time, people and reason. They were looked to as a means of obtaining Gods guidance. How do we accurately apply a historical event to our lives today? Daniel and John the Revelator excepted.

  4. Prophets protect God’s law and provide guidance for God’s people (Jeremiah 11:1-8). Their counsel is especially needed by a lukewarm church (Revelation 3:14-16) set in a lawless generation (Matthew 24:12) where smooth talking false prophets are gaining ground (Daniel 11:32; Revelation 16:13).

    Like in the past it is not entirely surprising that some should have a problem with the end time voice of prophecy. Strong statements concerning amusement, entertainment, dress, health and lifestyle consistent with Biblical godliness (2 Timothy 3:1-5) and self-denial (Mark 8:34) are considered too intrusive by many.

    Similar charges of interfering, meddling or even judging are brought against Christ’s messengers today as was leveled against prophets previously (Acts 7:51-53). Somehow people still think the prophet shows up to trouble Israel (1 Kings 18:17, 18).

    Especially on difficult or challenging issues the prophet’s guidance should be welcome, except some simply wish to pursue their own course without inspired counsel. A lesser light is of best value in areas only partially illuminated by the greater light. When sunlight does not quite get through the window and into the hidden corner of the room a reflector or candle may prove invaluable.

    The remnant, that which remains true and faithful of the one fold (John 10:16) are identified with commandment keeping and the spirit of prophecy (Revelation 12:17; 19:10). The prophet Joel also spoke of sons and daughters of God prophesying in the last days (Joel 2:28). If not already started it cannot be long before this is fulfilled.

    A prophet of present truth may bear a strong message, but it is just what the people need to cope in the time in which they live (2 Chronicles 36:15). To those persecuted for preaching righteousness Heaven sounds sweeter all the time (Matthew 5:10-12).

    • I made exception to Daniel and John the Revelator, and was asking about specifics. Some have no trouble in applying what they see as timely for everyone for all times, however the context does not necessarily substantiate that assessment. Generalities can be applied with little effort.

  5. What a lesson about the work of prophets! . In a modern world of ours today which is bombarded by false prophets from one corner to another what message should we carry to the outside world about the work of the prophets? .What are the major differences between the prophets of old and the modern ones which have occupied almost all the available frequencies on our TV media? While the above comments are very good for us in the house of God what is the message to the outside world about the prophets?

  6. What a challenging task the Prophets had! My question today do we have such prophets like Jeremiah? Where can we find them? How can we know the message they have is from the Lord since there are many people claiming do miracles?

    • Sometimes we expect too much of modern day prophets. They do not always have the "big picture drama" type of prophecy; they may just have a little message for two or three people. We often focus on the foretelling role of prophets when we should perhaps think a little bit about the "forth-telling" role. Miracles are not an essential sign of a prophet. In fact we have been called to be prophets of the "forth-telling" kind; living the Gospel as a witness to all nations.

    • I personally apply the text, Isaiah 8:20 to ALL of the so called,"Would be" "Prophets","Preachers","Pastors,""Evangelist","Bible instructors" and the like, "To the Law (AND) to the Testimony: if THEY speak(NOT) according to THIS WORD, It is because there is "NO" light in them".

  7. Although it\'s been presented in the cultural context of each prophet, as well as the unique illustrations God chose to use (think Hosea and Gomer); when you strip each sentence down to its main point of subject and verb it\'s always the same. God is love.
    God loves us and frees us from bondage to live in Him. God loves us, even when we are going down the wrong path and He pursues us. God doesn\'t force His love on us, because true love can never be forced; so He diligently sends messengers to get our attention, to shout the message out as to who He really is.
    From the entrance of sin into our world, beginning with the lie that God was cruel and wanting to withhold something from us - the devil has been out to destroy God\'s character - to misrepresent God in any way he can.
    So God sends His prophets throughout time meeting our needs and drawing us back to Himself and always giving the true message - God is love.

    • I like the way Pastor Brian Jones, SS Quarterly author many years ago, puts it:
      "Love cannot exist without moral freedom; and, moral freedom cannot exist without the capacity to do wrong."

    • The message that "God is love" is often seriously misunderstood. I have heard many sermons, lesson studies, group discussions and prayer meetings preaching that message eloquently only to have it revoked outside the meeting room by the actions of the speaker. God loves us must be expressed in out love for one another. If we forget that we miss the "God is love" message. Much of what the prophets of the OT were saying was that the Israelites had forgotten that part of the love message.

  8. Prophets are ambassadors for God and that can include a very wide range of ministry. Ellen White didn't like being called one because of the usage of the term in her day. She preferred messenger instead but her role was wider than simply a mouthpiece, she was an organizer also and at times acted like a pastor and a theologian.

  9. "This task involved great responsibility: if they told the truth, these powerful people could kill them; but if they did not represent the truth, God's judgment could also come upon them." Our responsibly is to, like the prophets of old, tell the truth in every arena, to anyone, at all times, regardless of the consequences to us. Am I afraid of imprisonment, yes, but I pray that though faced with that threat, that I and the other faithfulls will stand as "a fortified city, an iron pillar and a bronze wall, not in his own strength but in the Lord's.

  10. The prophets are still calling us to listen to God's word and forsake our sinful ways, so the Lord came come to gather his chosen ones.

  11. The issue with God, ever since the fall, has always been the question of conditionalism. If/Then. His people have not been able to process that ideology. Paul gets it in the first 8 chapters of Romans, but God's people have so successfully parced his message there that it is scarcely recognizable.

    Perhaps if we could just take the prophets at their word in a well-rounded application we would discover an 'in-habitation' of the Holy Spirit rather than a co-habitation.

  12. Repent and be baptized, turn from doing evil and learn to do good. Help those who are in need and show kindness to those who hate you. Most important be a doer of the word and not just a hearer only. I speak unto myself. Listen to the Holy Spirit who has come to lead us into all truth.

  13. If empty as Gideon's earthen vessels and filled with the light of truth and God's Spirit, we will give the trumpet that certain sound. If God leads us, how can we err from being faithful toward the erring? We must only be His faithful servants and He will be heard. Yes, the unrepentant will be very harsh, but what warfare comes without risk or danger in this world? Satan will stir up adversaries from every place, but God promises to be our refuge and strength.


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