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Thursday: The Mark of the Beast — 40 Comments

  1. I am reminded of the World War 2 situation in France where France's defense against Germany was dependent on the "Maginot Line". This was a line of defense built along World War I principles and was a system of trenches and gun emplacements along the French/German border that was supposed to be impregnable. Of course, the wily Germans completely ignored the line and attacked from a completely different direction. They led the French to believe that they were attacking the Maginot Line but their main attack came in through the lowlands of Belgium taking France completely by surprise.

    In spiritual warfare, Satan is well aware of the tactics of subterfuge and is quite happy for us to focus on a perceived threat while he attacks us where we least expect it. The characteristics of the enemy have not changed. The new beast will want control of our minds. It will demand subservience and "worship". And it will do that be deception and stealth. It is more important to work out the characteristics that lead to the mark of the beast than identifying specific powers.

    I will give you an example. I noticed on my morning walk that a shipping container had been dropped in someone's front yard. A few metres down the road, I though I should look at the rain radar on my phone and as I opened it up I received an advertisement asking if I would like to buy or hire a shipping container. The shipping container had been geotagged and my location noted by the phone system so that the advertisement could be targetted to me when I was likely to think about it.

    While such an incident has no spiritual implication it does illustrate the techniques used to influence our thinking. Google keeps more information about individuals than the government.

    The most powerful thought leaders today are using social media to influence our thinking. You do not need to look very far to find leaders who are bypassing the traditional media by using Twitter and Facebook overtly. There is no doubt that there is considerable covert use of such media as well.

    What has this got to do with the "Mark of the Beast". The battle has always been about the control of our minds. It is about power, greed, and self-interest. The technique for fighting the battle has changed but the result is still the same. Satan wants to control our minds.

    We often portray the Mark of the Beast in Adventist terms and while I do not have a problem with that per se, I think that it is somewhat simplistic. If you study the history of the Papacy and its persecution of minorities, it was not directed at any particular individual but at anyone who would not come under their control. Jews and Muslims, in particular, were persecuted and killed. The Church offered absolution to anyone who would take part in the crusades against the Muslims. The big sin of the papacy was that it used coercion to enforce its power on anyone who disagreed with them.

    The new beast has not changed and will likewise use any means whatsoever to enforce its power and control. And it will use subterfuge and deceit without any qualms. It may not be able to get away with instruments of torture and public burning, but it can use character assassination and public opinion as the new tools of persecution.

    I am not trying to rewrite Seventh-day Adventist interpretation of prophecy, but I hope we can use a wider scope to understand the way that Satan can accomplish his aims in the modern high-technology world.

  2. I know that the Qtrly has edited Mr. Ranko's manuscript that is the basis of this lesson, and I am wondering it that happened here. It declares that the Sabbath is specifically the test, what is the internal material in Rev. 13 that makes that point? The Ezekiel references are helpful (I would add Exodus 16, especially), but there doesn't seem to be a solid exegetical derivative for this conclusion.

    I think it is important to see that this chapter is in a larger mega context that goes back to Rev. 11:19 and the first exposure to the commandments of God. With that, we find worship is central to the clash. God is worshipped because He made all things, the beast is being worshipped because men have made an image and breathed into it "life" claiming the right to worship as well. Indeed, the idea of worship (Isaiah 66), and the claim of creation (Exo. 20:11) is tied in the fourth commandment. Hence, it can be certainly possible, if not probable, that the fourth commandment will be a specific target of the end time work of the land beast and it's image.

    Excellent information on the right hand and forehead relating to the proscriptions of out of Deut. Indeed, in heart and action God's people are to act, and the mark of the beast is a symbol of the opposite kind of heart and action reflective of the one they serve.

    • It is amazing how may theologians want to 'rewrite' the meaning of 666, and I think the editorial team did a good job to return the traditional Adventist Bible-based view to today's lesson.

      What is blasphemy? John 10:33 tells us '.. You, being a Man, make yourself God'. When Jesus claimed to be the Son of God (Matt 26:64, 10:36, 37; John 19:7) He undoubtedly claimed to be the Vicarius Dei, and rightfully so.

      Another definition of blasphemy is when a MERE MAN claims to have power over sins. Mark 2:7.

      This space would not be enough to confirm that Roman Catholic Papacy had usurped these, more especially through its chain of Popes who carry the blasphemous title: Vicarius Filii Dei.

      Rev 13:18 CLEARLY states that "The numberal letters of his name shall make up this number." even if one were to use the Roman Catholic Douay version! But WHAT language would the numerals of his name be? Obviously, the language of the 'head'of the dragon - Latin the language of Rome. (NOT ENGLISH!)

      But one may argue that the papacy is not antichrist - meaning opposed - to Christ. The word anti - can actually mean ín place of'or 'substitute for'in which case the assault against Christ is not frontal, but rather a substitution of the real Christ.

      Therefore, Vicarius Filii Dei still remains the adequate explanation of the number 666. "Whether the inscription Vicarius Filii Dei appears on the tiara or the mitre is really beside the point. The title is admittedly applied to the pope, and that is sufficient for the purposes of prophecy." SDA Commentary Vol 7. p. 824.

      • Just a footnote: some of the early manuscripts have Six hundred and Sixteen as the number. They are in the minority, but it serves as a reminder that it is the character of the beast rather than the mathematics of the number that is important.

      • Hello William:

        I am not sure how your comments are related to what I shared. I didn't mention anything about 666 or any name calculations. That said, I will respond in short on this issue. It is well to note that Vicarius Filii Dei has a dubious history and isn't an official title of the Pope and never has been. It's first use was in a forged document way back between the 8th and 9th centuries. In the 1600's a professor set out to look at names and calculate them, preferring the vicarious moniker. It caught on with other Protestants and Uriah Smith picked this up in reading Protestant writings and ran with it. That is how it made its way into the SDA Church. Let it be noted, though, the SOP doesn't discuss it, but to be fair, doesn't' discounts it, either.

        With some manuscripts giving 616 and the Greek suggesting it could be "humanity" instead of "a man," I am not persuaded by the traditional Uriah Smith interpretation. It is a futile usage of 666. Avoiding doing math one sees in the number something deeper.

        In context, the calculation is a call to carefully consider the character of the beast and discern it regardless of its deceptive practices. As humanity's number it suggest a falling short of the divine qualities. Seven in Revelation regularly used number to designate divine perfection, six is revealing humanity's falling short of the divine.

        One way of looking at chapter 13 is human institutions gathered up in the false trinity. This humanistic trinity seeks to dethrone God. The creature seeking to replace the Creator. For me, that makes more of an impact than taking some questionable title and doing some addition. In fact, there is abundant evidence in the sea beast description for us to accurately identify it without 666.

  3. Kevin, I believe the internal evidence points to the first four commandments starting with the vision of the Ark of the Covenant Rev 11:19 which has the 10 commandments which links to Deut 6:4-9 on hand and forehead, then Rev 12:17 and Rev 14:12 identify God's people who keep the commandments.
    1) no other God - worship God or dragon
    2) no images - worship the image
    3) don't take name in vain - speaks blasphemy
    4) keep the Sabbath - worship Creator

    Then we have mention of 144,000 who are sealed in Rev 7:4 and Rev 9:4 seal on foreheads being saved.
    So it is clear Satan saves those who have his mark on hand or mind and God saves those who have His seal on minds - it is a war between Jesus and Satan for minds and hearts although Satan will accept outward show even if they don't really believe.
    In Rev we see Satan's counterfeit trinity of the true Triune God - Father, Son, Holy Spirit in Dragon, Sea beast, Land beast so we can believe the Mark of the beast is a counterfeit of the seal of God.
    So what is the seal of the Creator God?
    Which takes us to Eze 20:19-20 and the commandments and Sabbath as a sign.

    However Jesus said even the elect would almost be deceived so I wonder because since John's time we have decoded Revelation's message and are expecting an issue over a day whether there will be a twist in the tale that we are not expecting to deceive us.
    We need to hold fast to the principle of God's Word and love of Jesus and watch out for subtle distortions of the serpent who said "did God really say that?"

    • Yes, I think the fourth commandment is not explicitly stated because, as you say, "there will be a twist in the plot." The issues go deeper than a day. I agree, that all the commandments of God are in the meta context of these passages, and especially the first four as the clash is over worship.

      • Yes, the final test, just like every test before it (starting in heaven) concerns Who/who we worship, not what day we go to church. If the final test was only about keeping the Sabbath, then the Jews who murdered Jesus and hurried home to keep the Sabbath holy would be among the 144,000.

  4. "As the Sabbath is the distinctive sign of the obedience of God’s faithful people (Ezek. 20:12, Ezek. 20:20), so the mark of the beast is the sign of allegiance to the beast."

    According to today's lesson, the most important thing I need to watch out for is to make sure I attend church on Sabbath rather than Sunday... too easy!

    But hang on a minute, Eve's "fall" into sin in Genesis 3 had nothing to do with being tempted to go to church on the wrong day of the week. Something doesn't add up here...

    • If you are not temped/persecuted in these things it will be easy.
      Do you know the number of persons who because of their faith in Sabbath worship and the principles of the Bible are unable to find proper jobs to feed themselves and their families? When this becomes rampant and more widespread the effects will be devastating. Whet would you say to my friend who believes in SDA bible truth but don’t see another job option and has not accepted to be baptized because of Sabbath work. This is not “too easy”. I think saying that “attending church on Sabbath” is too simplistic a dipiction of what it means to be “obedient to God” and the belittles the significance of true vs false worship.

    • Eve was not a latter day saint, we are. The Sabbath observence was not a question of faith for her, she kept all the 10 laws of God already without question. I believe she even reverenced and hallowed the Seventh day Sabbath when she was seven hundred and seventy years old. Since she hallowed the Seventh day Sabbath that means she worked on the 1st day of the week. Back then they did not have 5 day work weeks.
      Good day

    • Agreed, too easy simply to see this a battle over a different day. I think that is why the bible is not explicit on this point. As I wrote earlier I sought to find evidence in the text for the Sabbath being a special point of contest in the end times, and I think it is there as I explain. But Scripture doesn't make that point absolutely clear because the issue is much, much deeper than which day one goes to church on or what the calculation of a number is, etc. We have to beware of simplistic answers, indeed.

    • Hi Phil. A number of times in the Bible people asked a version of the question, "what must I do to be saved?" (e.g., Acts 16:30; Acts 2:37; Acts 8:35-38; Luke 18:26). Not once were they answered "keep the Sabbath and you will be saved."

      Satan is using this doctrine to lull many Laodiceans to sleep by deceiving them with "peace and safety" (1 Thessalonians 5:3 KJV) until the "Sunday law" gives them the green light to turn to God.

      The Great Controversy and the "final test" are both about the same issue: Who/who do we choose to worship?

      • Hi Sieg. And we can go even deeper.

        In Ex 34:8, for example, Moses reflexively worships God. What caused this reflexive response to occur? I would submit that it was a natural consequence in response to the resonance between the deepest desire of Moses heart and God’s revealed character. God’s nature and character and the desire of Moses heart were a perfect match.

        We worship that which we admire. And we admire that which our heart desires.

        The Great Controversy - at its most core element - is which of the two Kingdoms do we desire at our deepest (heart) level: the Kingdom of God that is based upon self-renouncing love that alone leads to abundant, eternal life (Jn 10:10) or the Kingdom of darkness that is based on any and all self-referenced motives that unavoidably leads to self-destruction (Gal 6:8).

    • Having the Bible basis is most important, indeed. It should be the foundation of all of our views. Let me hasten to say this, before I continue. Sister White also explains that the seal is a "settling into the truth." In fact, in 1860 she writes this, "A man may outwardly keep the Sabbath, and do many good things, and may have a sort of love for good men, all resulting from a sort of refinement and correct taste, and have still a wicked unchanged heart, and Satan might give such a person brilliant experience in order to keep him from settling deeply into the truth." ARSH, Sept. 11, 1860, pg. 133. Forty years later she said, "Just as soon as the people of God are sealed in their foreheads—it is not any seal or mark that can be seen, but a settling into the truth, both intellectually and spiritually, so they cannot be moved—just as soon as God’s people are sealed and prepared for the shaking, it will come." Ms 173, 1902

      The Sabbath would be the outward sign of one being sealed in the end time. Adventists have linked the Sabbath as the seal by linking the idea of a sign and a seal being one and the same. (See Romans 4:11) Hence, the Sabbath is a sign of God's covenant with His people, and they in covenant with Him. So, the idea of the Sabbath being the seal comes from that. It should be pointed out, though, that the seal and mark are much deeper than getting our arithmetic right on the days of the week. It's denoting character as the result of either settling into the truth (seal) or settling into error (mark).

      As to the question about what the Bible says, it clearly points out that sealing of God's people, which is the authentication of their being God's, is in and through the Holy Spirit.

    • This could be considered an illustration of the characteristic of fundamentalism discussed earlier in the week. It is tempting to take one quotation from Ellen White and end all discussion--even though, as Kevin points out, she said other things that cast it in a broader light. Also, as Kevin points out, the Bible identifies the seal of God as the Holy Spirit. As others have pointed out, the Sabbath fits well with other aspects of the prophecies of Revelation, and undoubtedly will play a role. But to actually call it the seal is to ignore the principle of letting the Bible be its own interpreter.

      • I have noticed we are discussing the difference between sign and seal and whether the Sabbath can be the seal, in doing this we are focusing on the wrong issue.
        The Bible is clear- it describes God's people as those who have the LORD's name which is His Character on their foreheads - literally? Who are they - those who love the LORD with all their hearts, minds and bodies, those who keep the Word of God and love Jesus! Is there a way that this is easily visible? Like a wedding ring? A red spot on my forehead? A tattoo? Is there sign? We have entered into a Everlasting Covenant with the LORD, how are agreements confirmed? Signing? Wax seal stamped with kings ring? Cut up animals and walk between them saying if I break it let me be so cut up.
        What is the seal of ten commandments? What tells who he is, what is his authority, what is his territory? Of course it the Sabbath. It is not something we do it is an acknowledgement of who is the ruler of the Universe, the Creator and by resting acknowledging that we are saved by what Jesus has done for us not by anything we can do.
        What is the issue in this war - not whether I live or die but that everyone gives the LORD the glory he is due!

  5. I just find this hard ro share with friends wich are very sincere and folow other religious rites. I know that God is the one responsible for touching our hearts, and through this, we can clear our minds. I think this subject is easier to be discussed among believers. May God gives us special knowledge for us to pass on this important message.

    • Very difficult, indeed. Just like Jesus, we should mingle with others as desiring their best good, win their trust and then bid them follow me. This isn't a topic that lends itself to being an "entering wedge."

  6. Maybe we need not share this with friends. Christ said to his disciples, you understand because you know Me, they don't. Maybe we need to share the gospel message then let the Holy Spirit give them the understanding of the mark, and the sealing. I think it is apparent I agree with you. And yes if non believers or believers are asking, God will give us the correct words to say, if we study to show ourselves approved to God. Thanks JC for your frequent encouragement. I too believe the Bible teaches the Sabbath is the mark.

  7. Some will believe the commandment of the Beast, some who know it is false will comply simply to survive, and protect themselves from the threatened consequences of disobeying the beast's demand. This scene is very similar to Daniel 3 and 6 isn't it? Daniel is the companion to the Revelation, and needs our diligent study in order for the Revelation to make perfect sense. They are the same prophecy.

    When anyone places a literal interpretation on the symbols used in this prophecy, it becomes more like science fiction, and most will receive the mark of the beast while thinking they have avoided it. This is the power of deception that Satan can easily bring upon any who do not “fear God....give glory to Him....and worship Him...”, living by “every Word” that God has given us. Faith is the victory that will overcome the world.

  8. This is the next event after the hoax "resurrection" in South Africa that I mentioned recently - now our government is getting involved:
    This from a news report:
    Cape Town - The government was ready to start a serious conversation with faith-based organisations on bogus religious leaders, who are taking advantage of South Africans, African National Congress president Cyril Ramaphosa said on Wednesday.
    Ramaphosa, on the campaign trail ahead of the 8 May elections at a Cape Town City Hall event, was referring to a video clip that went viral this week which purported to show Alleluia Ministries International (AMI) leader, pastor Alph Lukau, raising a man from the dead during a Sunday service.
    A pastor asked Ramaphosa why charlatans were not being arrested as they were harming the reputation of all clergy by taking advantage of desperate South Africans.
    The ANC president said the matter had come up for discussion in government, which would engage with religious leaders instead of dictating regulations.
    "If we just go overboard and start regulating churches and religions, we will have a backlash because faith-based organisations will say the government is beginning to regulate in such a way that is not constitutional," Ramaphosa said.
    "We are now given an opportunity to engage faith-based organisations on how can we work together to ensure we rid our country of bogus religious leaders who are taking our people for a ride, who are doing things that are so shocking and hoodwink people into believing they raised someone from the dead..."

  9. I notice the Sabbath School Lesson-Bible Study Guide topics for March 2019 to be; God's Everlasting Gospel. -The Seven Last Plagues. -Judgement on Babylon and -I Make All Things New. In light of current media headlines e.g. Brexit, Climate Crisis...New Scientific research..etc. Can we not see opportunities to get our truth-filled literature to the people? This can be accomplished by ...members, who recognise the stewardship of being a disciple.. We can each take up the Literature Evangelism Work, right where we are . Flo Grace Maloney nee Prendergast Thur 28,the Feb 2019

  10. as 7th Day Adventists we need to keep in mind that Revelation 13 never names the papacy or any other religious system as the beast power but provides us guidelines of characteristics of the power. what is correct is that the individual who Worships the LORD and lives his or her life according to the relationship, inspiration and commandments of the LORD will be saved and reunited with the LORD in His New Jersusalem.

  11. I believe that Sabbath is the seal of God, but going to church is not all there is to Sabbath. You must put away ALL worldly things for the WHOLE Sabbath day. Church is only a small part of the day. You need to focus on God before and after church also. Satan will use whatever he can to deceive us and distract us from worshiping God. Beware and always be vigilant.

    • What does "worldly" mean?
      That which is opposed to God?
      That which God created, but which is not religious?
      Sometimes I think our idea of "Sabbath keeping" is narrower than God's. And of course, given our individual makeup and needs, what would be "Sabbath rest" for one might be "work" for another.

      The Jews associated Sabbath rest directly with God's rest after creation and set about to define "acts of Creation" that would not be permissible on Sabbath. I find it amusing that turning on a TV constitutes an act of creation, but watching anything on TV is OK if it is already on.

      • When there is one interpretation versus another interpretation I turn to Ellen Gould White writings for authenticity of things not detailed in black and white in Revelation. Now the biblical answers that Shirley has given above and many posts above) are right down the line of EGW I am about to give you, that is because EGW writings do not contradict the Bible, they illuminate the Bible. Am I letting the Holy Spirit guide my interpretation, yes, the Holy Spirit led me to Manuscript 51. The following is from the 51 Manuscript 1899. “The seal of God, the token or sign of His authority, is found in the fourth commandment. This is the only precept of the Decalogue which points to God as the Creator of the heavens and the earth, thus clearly distinguishing the true God from all false gods. Throughout the Scriptures, the fact of God’s creative power is cited as proof that He is above all heathen deities.
        The Sabbath enjoined by the fourth commandment was instituted to commemorate the work of creation, thus to keep the minds of men ever directed to the true and living God. Had the Sabbath always been kept, there would never have been an idolater, an atheist, or an infidel. The sacred observance of God’s holy day would have led the minds of men to their Creator. Everything of nature would have brought Him to their remembrance and would have borne witness to His power and His love. The Sabbath of the fourth commandment is the seal of the living God. It points to God as the Creator and is the sign of His rightful authority over the beings He has made.
        What, then, is the mark of the beast but the spurious sabbath which the world has accepted in the place of the true?”
        All of manuscript 51 should be read. It is not a mysterious script kept in Area 51 out in the desert of California. No, it is open for everyone to read and get a correct understanding of the seal of God. The Mark of God. The mark of the evil one, and who and when it is received, among other enlighting things. Here are they who keep the(implies all) commandments of God and have the faith of Jesus. Revelation 14:12. I remember many years ago in a worldwide televised evangelistic series by Dwight Nelson. He gave the illustration of breaking the one grape juice goblet. You break it and the whole grape juice goblet is broken, it is rendered non-functional. The same with the Ten Commandments you break one, (all)the Ten Commandments are broken.
        Happy Sabbath.

      • My interpretation of ‘amusing’, in context is, it is not okay to turn on the TV, or leave it on unless Bible topics or possibly full nature content is on. What about turning on something as ‘antiquated’ by the internet as Ham radio? Though my ham radio inclosed in 3 layers heavy duty aluminum foil(Faraday cage bag), will survive an atmospheric EMP attack and the internet won’t. I think this interpretation of Sabbath keeping goes back to Isaiah 58. I refrain from doing my ‘own pleasure’, and as Paul says what might be a stumbling block to others. Taking the youth out to fix a helpless elderly ladies porch so she does not fall through the cracks and cause EMS to do ‘work on the Sabbath’, is rest for the youth rather than work, plus it teachs them to be about their Fathers business, helping others. Could they have done it on Sunday, no, on Sunday they are involved in gainful work or doing there own pleasure. Taking the youth out to pick up trash in and along the river, as long as you have your life jacket on, is ok too. It is doing something for others rather than your own pleasure. Isaiah 58:13-14. Thus avoiding the Pharisaical Jew approach. John 5:8-10.
        Happy Sabbath,

      • Worldly to me means things not of God. For example: I can swim on Sabbath if I am enjoying the water that God created for me to cool off in. I can hike (which would be enormous work for me) and enjoy the landscape/animals that God created. Working as usual is worldly. Watching Secular programs as opposed to religious/Christian programs, I feel is not keeping the Sabbath.

      • Good to see this started some thinking and comments.
        Another Jewish example: An orthodox Jew will not speak to a gentile during the Sabbath hours, because it will make him ceremonially unclean and therefore unable to keep the Sabbath. To me this is a misunderstanding. I guess I was raised with "Sabbath things" or "God things" that we do on Sabbath, but I think that is also a misunderstanding. We certainly don't want to do things that draw us away from God. But I would say we DO want to do things that will connect with other people--people God loves and wants us to share His love with.

        I have seen Is 58:13-14 badly misused. First I would encourage anyone using this text to read the whole chapter as it sets the context. This was written about Israel shortly before the Babylonian captivity. We see shady business dealings, strife and conflict, deceit. We see it happening Jewish brother against Jewish brother. Fellow Jews taking advantage of each other, all in the name of the almighty dollar. So after calling them out for it, God offers a solution in verses 13 and 14. His solution is a "time-out" "step away from your pursuit of money long enough to know Me".

        Second, the word "pleasure" (KJV) is often misinterpreted. Some would have us be sad faced all day Sabbath because we shouldn't do anything pleasurable. At the least, have every Sabbath be a somber experience, aka Day of Atonement. Of course that is not the Jewish heritage from which the Christian Sabbath has descended. It was a day of celebration and joy. It should be for us, also. A more accurate translation is "not doing as you please". The difference is subtle, but in the context of the earlier part of the chapter, the emphasis is on disregarding God and His wishes for how we treat each other. Some have even translated it as not "plying your trade", which also is consistent with God's concern that they were so focused on making money that they were taking advantage of people. The Sabbath can (and should be) a strong reminder that life is more than earning a living or getting rich. It is about people and caring for them. And what better time to care about people than on the Sabbath?

    • Your comment is emphasized in Isaiah 59:1-. God can save us, but it is our sins(not hallowing the Sabbath from sundown to sundown), that separate us from God. I have no clue what I would do in Alaska, other than being led by the Holy Spirit. Possibly Holy Spirit would lead me to pick a time from let’s say 7pm to 7pm., assuming I have an atomic watch with a homemade tuned VLF ferrite rod antenna. Thank for your comment Sylvia, it is true.

  12. Who are those who receive the seal of God? Those who keep God's commandments and keep the testimony of Jesus. It does not say 'Those who keep the Sabbath .... " I know of sincere people who have turned their backs on the Adventist message because of their experience with leaders in the Church who keep the Sabbath and yet expected fellow believers to 'prop the sun up' on a Friday evening to complete a job. On Sabbath morning they arrive late and interrupt the service to greet everyone before being seated or not attending Sabbath School in order to translate the sermon they had taken off the internet. Then there are those who have looked visitors over as though they were something smelly the cat had dragged in. These seeking souls have come and gone - never to return again. What about the compulsive liers, judging everyone but themselves, murderers of reputations who show no remorse. When the stable door is closed and the horse is gone, then all efforts are made to fill the benches again ... instead of doing what Jesus told us to do - go do all in your power to repair the damage and bring the horse back to its stable. I sincerely believe that keeping the commandments of God means ALL TEN WITH HEART AND SOUL AND TOTAL COMMITMENT... not just the 4th command.

  13. Maureen, yes unfortunately there are sick people in the hospital of the church, what they do is not truly "keeping" the Sabbath or the 10 commandments.

    Revelation 14:1 has additional information i.r.o. the 144,000 who are sealed "they have the Lamb's Father's name written in their foreheads". 
    Name - stands for character - therefore the sealed will have the Triune God's character which is love.

    In Ezekiel the LORD does say that hallowing the sabbath is a sign that the LORD sanctifies his people.

    Eze 20:12  Moreover also I gave them my sabbaths, to be a sign between me and them, that they might know that I am the LORD that sanctify them.
    Eze 20:19-20  I am the LORD your God; walk in my statutes, and keep my judgments, and do them;  20  And hallow (consecrate, dedicate, keep), my sabbaths; and they shall be a sign between me and you, that ye may know that I am the LORD your God.

  14. The Sabbath is not the SEAL but a SIGN. A SIGN to a destination is not the destination. Some may go to church on a Sabbath but worshipping the wrong God.The SEAL on the saints forehead is then name of GOD. The first 3 commandments talk about WORSHIP AND who we should WORSHIP and him alone. His name is Jehovha.The SEAL is his name.
    The Sabbath is an indication that you may be worshipping the only TRUE God.
    The mark of the beast is the false GOD. The False God has mark and a SIGN as well. His mark is name and his SIGN is Sunday.

  15. The Sabbath is an indication that you may be worshipping
    the only TRUE God.
    The mark of the beast is the false GOD. The False God has
    mark and a SIGN as well. His mark is name and his SIGN is


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