Dealing With Pain and Suffering

[Resources assembled by Inge Anderson – a work in progress]

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The 2022 Sabbath School lesson, In the Crucible With Christ deals with how to work through our own suffering. 

A Shepherd Looks at Psalm 23Ellen White’s classic, Christ’s Object Lessons [Australia] is available for pennies in Kindle format, which is my current favorite way of reading. But you can also buy it in Audio, Hardback or Paperback format.  It includes the parable of the Good Shepherd, featured in the In the Crucible With Christ Sabbath School Lessons. 

In A Shepherd Looks at Psalm 23 author W. Phillip Keller, who has first-hand experience with all aspects of sheep management helps us to understand all of the 23rd psalm, including walking through the valley of the shadow of death. [Link for Australia] Even with my background of knowing a bit about sheep farming and moving them to different pastures, I found some surprising insights in this book. I recommend it. 

Suffering is never for nothing, by Elisabeth Elliott Suffering Is Never for Nothing by Elisabeth Elliott [Australia link] is a personal inspirational account of the author’s own suffering, published post-humously, based on a transcription of talks she gave at a conference. “Words birthed in deep sorrow and loss, but from a heart that held no bitterness of resentment toward God or the Auca Indians who speared her beloved young husband. Nor did she blame God for the deaths of her next two husbands.” 

It is a short and quick read but has provided inspiration to thousands, with nearly 1,400 leaving positive reviews on Amazon.  Available in Kindle, Audio and Hardcover format. [Click on links to find these.]

(The lesson author quotes from Elisabeth Elliott’s book, The Quest for Love, [Australia link] on the lesson for Tuesday, June 28,2022)

The Ministry of Healing by Ellen G. White [Australia] is a companion to The Desire of Ages, [Australia], Christ’s Object Lessons [Australia], Thoughts from the Mount of Blessings  [Australia]- all centered on the life of Christ. If you haven’t read this book, you’ll want to do so now. It can inspire and guide to better health. 





Why Does God Allow Suffering?