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Like displays in a brick-and-mortar store, our “store” is mainly meant to direct your attention to some of the things available on  or that might interest you. These are just samples of what you can find on Amazon.

If you think  you might want to download an ebook and don’t own a Kindle, get your FREE Kindle Reading App here. It works on most devices, including your PC.

Most likely you will want more information than our store pages provide. On the Amazon page for the product, you can read customer reviews on a link like this: (9 customer reviews), as well as see recommendations for similar items. The customer reviews can be really helpful – especially if you also read the negative reviews. 

buy-at-amazonAmazon will still pay a small advertising fee if you buy anything on the main or or sites, provided you got there through one of our links. If you leave your computer and you come back 90 min. later, clicking through one of our links again will ensure that we get credit for the purchase.