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A surprise inside the cover

“What a surprise that is!” Susan held the lesson guide above her head.

“There’s a surprise in the lesson guide for the final quarter of the year?”

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“Yes, dear, there is.”

“Do we get a balloon or a lollipop?”

“No, it’s not that. It’s just that when I saw the title to this quarter’s lessons I was surprised when I opened the guide. The title is ‘Growing in Christ,’ but the first lesson is called ‘The Great Controversy.’ Don’t you think that’s surprising?”

“Hmmm. I sure do. That sounds like two topics that don’t belong in the same discussion. Is that what worries you?”

“Sort of. If we’re going to study the great controversy this quarter, I think that should be in the title somewhow.”

“Well, let’s look and see before we jump to conclusions.”

The two paged through the 112 pages of the guide. They agreed that a person who wants to grow in Christ more than anything else will gain a lot of good Scripture-based counsel by a careful study of the weekly lessons, which are based at least to some degree on the “28 Fundamental Beliefs.”

“Let’s go for it,” he said.

“I’ll follow.”

[Thought Questions for The Great Controversy: The Foundation October 3. 2012]

1. How important to us is the “great controversy?” Have you read the 28 fundamental beliefs lately? At all? Do these fundamental beliefs identify us as members of a definite Christian body? Do they help to clarify what our attitude is towards Jesus and the rest of the Godhead? Do you think the 28 beliefs are permanent and should never be modified? Do you think all members should be required to affirm their allegiance to these beliefs periodically? Have you ever wondered if there could be a danger in emphasizing the 28 beliefs too much? What might that danger be? Are you willing, ready, and able, to plunge ahead into a deep and soul-feeding search for God’s will through the lessons of this quarter?

2. Key players in the controversy. Do you agree that a  good way to look at the world in conflict today is to consider it as a battlefield? Who is fighting whom? Who is winning? What is the score? What role do you think the unfallen angels play in the strategy and conquests of the great controversy? Have you ever tried to convince someone that there is a great controversy? Or do most people seem to accept the continuing conflict between forces of good and evil? How does Satan manage to eliminate references to supernatural beings among some people and yet use supernatural powers in other people groups to further his aims?

3. Lucifer’s fall. Didn’t Lucifer have a lot of talent and abilities to be proud of? Is it wrong to be proud of what you can do or what your strengths are? Or to say to a child, “I’m proud of you”? What made Lucifer’s awareness of his superior talents a stumbling block that led to his downfall? Have you ever been rebellious? Like when you were sixteen? Or when the boss’s requirements made no sense to you? What did Lucifer do–or not do–that kept his rebellious spirit growing within him until he separated himself totally from God’s love? Why do you think God’s law of love and worship irritated Lucifer so much that he gave it all up and has been tormenting us ever since? Should we learn from that and turn away from all rebellion? Or is it time for more of us to rise up in rebellion against the cruel and evil-minded dominion the devil holds over so many people today?

4. Enmity. Why do you think the serpent was the first one God cursed after Adam and Eve’s temptation and fall? Some people hate snakes because of this Bible story. Do you? What are the consequences of the enmity God’s presence caused in the serpent that was Satan? Next, the woman was made aware of her punishment. What was it? What about Adam’s? What did these specific punishments mean in terms of the great controvery between Christ and Satan?

5. Satan’s Fight. Did God continue to show us through the ages what He had in mind for us? The lesson guide outlines three great epochs in the history of the controversy. What are they?



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  1. Hello'

    I am glad to have read this lesson and I am blessed, would really want to understand this great controversy better, in an amicable way. Thanks.

  2. Very profound soul searching and knowledge based questions. May each of us take time out to really the Scriptures, not just read but study so we can be equipped to survive in this war.

  3. Rev 12:1-17 discussed and summarized what we knew through White's book the Great Controversy. In verse 17 in same book and chapter we are pointed out as the children of the woman, "which keep the commandment of God and have the testimony of Jesus Christ." We have just to live in this faith and hold on. Never doubt.

  4. Indeed the war isn't over. It is still a millitant affair for the church. However soon, and very soon triump will be attained. Remember the MIND is the battle field where the fiercest battle is fought. Who are supporting in the war between good and evil?

  5. I was born and bred in the SDA faith. Am really acquainted with the SDA 28 beliefs, I read sister white's book on the great controversy and other books she authored. I once headed a church choir and was almost appointed church elder. since 1995 to date, i have no job, am living with a non-SDA wife since 2002 to date. i last went to church seven years ago. but i keep studying the bible lessons online, although i am out of employment this long, i never move anywhere on the sabbath. i really have a great story to tell behind this comment, but what i try to bring out is that I AM CERTAINLY CONVINCED THAT I'M EXPERINCING THIS CONTROVERSY FIRST HAND IN MY LIFE. I have prayed for divine intervention but only God knows what the end of this is going to be. I am pleading with you brethren to intercede for my case and my family. I badly need employment, i pray that one day my wife (born and bred a moslem) will accept and share the faith that i profess. Am looking forward to God at least answering your prayers that one day i and my family will walk again to church every sabbath in this world and ever after in the world to come. PLEASE PRAY FOR US.

    • I will surely remember you and your family in my prayers. However, I believe you should attend church. Spend some quality time with fellow believers in worshipping and praising our savior and friend. I suspect there are open doors, waiting for you to enter.

  6. Please I need to understand about SDA 28 beliefs, I'm very interesting help...@tom I am praying now at this moment for you and your family. Jesus is the answer to our every need. Even how long it takes, you do believed, stand firm. God will open a door for you, in His time...


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