05: Christ and the Sabbath – Thought Starters

[Thought questions for Christ and the Sabbath April 29, 2014]

1. Introduction. Do you know someone who keeps the first day (Sunday) the same way Adventists keep (or believe we should keep) the seventh day (Saturday) as the Sabbath? Have customs and traditions other than those concerning which the day of the week is Sabbath caused changes in Sabbath worship? On what day of the week do you start looking forward to the Sabbath? Why do you think most people worship on Sunday? Why don’t they see things the way we do? Have they disqualified themselves for salvation? (Be careful with your answer!)GoodSalt.com-lwjas0404

3. The Jewish Sabbath. About how many years went by from the Creation of the world until the Jewish nation was established? How long did the Jewish nation remain a major geographic and political entity? How long has it been since most Christians started worshipping on Sunday? Why doesn’t the length of time Sabbath has been observed on the seventh day seem to impress Christians of other faiths? What can you say to your Sunday-keeping friends when they talk about Saturday as the “Jewish Sabbath”?

4. Rest and Worship. How much time on an ideal Sabbath should we spend (1) attending church; (2) praying and reading Scripture; (3) enjoying “outdoor” nature time? Does it matter? Have you ever been sick or recovering from an injury and weren’t able to attend church on Sabbath? How did you feel about missing church? What are your favorite worship activities? You can watch church on your computer, so why go to church at all? How important is fellowship in the weekly worship cycle? What about visiting those who can’t get out?

5. Enjoyment. How can we keep Sabbath holy and still have a good time on this day of rest and gladness? What can we do to help our children enjoy a happy time on Sabbath? Then there are the adolescent years. At some point should we as parents back away from rules and regulations for Sabbath? How would you feel if younger members of your church prepared food to share on Sabbath in a blighted neighborhood not far from where you live? What about getting together to make music appropriate for Sabbath? Does that mean slow and steady? No drums?

6. Healing. What did Jesus think about taking the time and effort to offer healing to the sick or injured on the Sabbath? Are you comfortable with healthcare professionals who provide care on Sabbath such as in a hospital or a facility for the bed-bound patients? Is there anything you can do if you’re not a trained care provider to make Sabbath special for these people? Can your smile and kind words make a difference?

7. A New Creation. How are creation and restoration related? What does Sabbath have to do with each of these concepts? Can you truly keep the Sabbath without giving thanks for God’s magnificent power in creating us and the world where we live? Before the “new earth” is created, do you ever wonder how we can keep the weekly seventh-day Sabbath in heaven where there is no sun? What will be the biggest blessing of eternal life? Will we learn everything throughout eternity that there is to know about God’s power and love?



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  1. My brother now worships on Sunday with his wife & her family. Now he says, as far as not working a job on Sabbath, that in Biblical days it was easier, since most folks kept the Sabbath holy, so businesses were closed. He claims in these days that it is much harder & impractical to tell someone who is out of work not to take a job because he/she would have to work on Sabbath. How would you all respond to him?

  2. Leesie God is always in control and if we put our trust in him and follow his commandment he promise to take care of us so I would say trust God

  3. [Moderator's Note: Please use full names when commenting. Thank you.]

    I would say it is also impractical to foster a relationship with Christ on the basis of a job. It is that one on one relationship that exists in non employment and times of plenty.
    The brother who sees it impossible is trusting on his abilities which are very shallow and short lived. He will never see the miracles that God has for us. May he find peace in Christ.