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05: Creation and Morality – Thought Starters — 6 Comments

  1. These starters are great. They'll be used for discussion tomorrow. Just print them on pieces of paper and have each person pick one and give their opinion. Its going to be interesting and ooodles of fun.

  2. You could be better positioned yourself to sow a seed and water it by reading the book 'The Case For a Creator' by Lee Strobel. He investigated scientific evidence that points towards God. That brought him from an atheist to a Christian after his wife who was an atheist became a Christian. He thought oh my, her Christian beliefs will lead to divorce, quit the contrary he observed that instead of being negative she was always positive, which lead him away from evolution to a Creator. The knowledge you gain from this book, will allow you to be observed by your atheist friends as genuine rather than Bible-banging self-made scientist. We can only stand firm to our convictions in the middle of non-biblical opinions by totally relying on God. He fights for us who can be against us. Ezra 8:22. He gave us illumination of the Bible when desperately needed in the years that followed the great disappointment of 1844. There is no reason He can't help us in our ministry.


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