05: Discipling the Sick – Thought Starters

[Thought questions for Discipling the Sick January 29, 2014]

Image © Lars Justinen from GoodSalt.com

Image © Lars Justinen from GoodSalt.com

1. Health and healing. How important was the healing ministry in earthly Jesus’ life? We’re told that Jesus spent more time healing than preaching. Was that a wise distribution of His power and love? Why? Should we as His followers and friends, spend more effort than we do in ministering to the frail? the sick? the weak? the fearful? How can we expand our efforts to reach those who are physically challenged?

2. Messiah the Healer. What was the outstanding difference between the way pagan gods seemed to perform healing acts and the way Jesus dealt with the sick? Why was it most effective for Jesus as God to take on Himself our human weaknesses, even sickness? What were some of the times in His life that Jesus suffered the most in a physical or emotional sense? Did the crowds surge around Jesus hoping for healing as He walked in their midst? Did He grant their requests?

3. Sickness and sin. Have you ever had a bad stomach ache because you ate too much? Was the stomach ache a punishment for your sin? Do faithful, true followers of Jesus get sick from lung cancer? or get hurt when driving on the highway? Does Jesus ever try to win us to Him by causing us to suffer? How should we treat a sick person who doesn’t seem to have a Christian relationship with Jesus? What should we think of someone who prays earnestly to be healed but dies anyway?

4.  Physical and mental healing. Do Christians ever suffer from mental illness? Is there a cure for everyone who seems to have a “sick” mind and cannot cope well with life? What can church members do for fellow believers who seem to have a terrible temper, constant weariness, or troubles too great to bear? How should we relate to the family members of a person who ends his or her life because of the weight of discouragement?  Do you believe in the power of happiness in Christ?

5. The resurrection and the life. In the beginning did God create us to live forever? When sin entered, what took the place of an endless life of joy? Why didn’t God create us ready to welcome death whenever it comes? Why do so few Christians believe that when you die, you are dead, unaware of the world? Do they really believe their loved ones would be happy watching what’s going on with family members and friends on earth? How should we view receiving the gift of eternal life when Jesus comes compared to the gift of our lives being extended a little longer now?

6. Christ’s healing legacy. How much money could we bring in if we could bring healing to the sick with just a touch or a word? Do God’s people still possess the ability to heal those who are sick? Should financial gain ever be the motive for applying healing skills? Seventh-day Adventists are famous for being healthier and living longer than average folks. Are we doing all we can to share the skills and knowledge we have about good health? Are there people we can bring to Jesus by introducing them to the joy and good health we obtain by following Him? What are we waiting for?






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