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09: The Church: Rites and Rituals – Thought Starters — 2 Comments

  1. In anticipating the second coming, we've all had moments of doubt and pain; thinking that Jesus doesn't care anymore or that it's all just a big lie and that God really doesn't exist. I've prayed for Jesus to come many times, but I always end up eating that prayer as I meet more people who want to know the truth in Christ Jesus. We get so caught up in our own little world and our own suffering that we forget there are many around us who are suffering 10 times worse because they do not know God or have a saving relationship with Jesus Christ.

    If we would hasten the 2nd coming of Christ, we must do a work that will rattle the devil's cage and bring about fearsome persecution. That's how we'll truly know He is coming soon.

  2. The Ordinance of Foot Washing is a unique ordinance. Living in a culture and age when many regard humility as a sign of weakness, it always gives me joy to see proud gallant men and women stoop down on their knees to wash each other's feet. As Christians we need a daily reminder that it is not our educational status with all it's accolades; it is not our high position in the church with the recognition that accompanies it; it is certainly not our economic status that matters when dealing with our salvation, but it is a close personal relationship with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ that leads us to salvation, and extreme humility is the hallmark of our Savior.


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