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  1. It may be, that since we see the Holy Spirit working first in creation that the Holy Spirit has the most basic motivational function of God. The function of the Holy Spirit to produce love, joy, peace, etc. may indicate the type of motivation that Holy Spirit produces in the Godhead as well as in our lives.

    Is this what motivated Adam initially to think and feel and thereby to develop a character similar to that of God?

    What, then, caused Adam and Eve to perform differently?

    • Adam and Eve had free will and that shows God is good and fair and does not control his people as remote control

  2. I believe the Father, Son and Spirit are three metaphors for God. In ancient times, people everywhere believed in spirits--invisible forces that influenced human affairs. The Bible writers condensed and adapted this basic idea and condensed it into a view of God that included God as Spirit. It is a "holy" spirit because God is holy. Therefore the idea that God's Spirit is distinguishable from God is not valid.

    • The Holy Spirit is a distinguishable & critically functional member of the Triune Godhead and not a metaphor. Too many scriptures make that plain, especially in the New Testament. Whenever you read of the Spirit moving, that is His work. After Jesus' crucifixion, His role involves showing forth Jesus' character and bringing Him wherever He's needed since Jesus, upon taking the characteristics of us human beings, is now independently functional, presence-wise, only as a human being. What love & sacrifice to redeem us! The Holy Spirit helps us digest that meaningfulness more deeply and brings us conviction to have a deeper love relationship with Them, God.

    • We are told that we are made in the image of God. The Bible says that God said, "Let is make man in our image." This indicates a plurality of God and therefore a plurality of a singular Creator. How does this work in your thinking?

    • Eye popping comment that the Trinity is a metaphor! The Holy Spirit is distinct in the Godhead. He is one of the Trinity. Please, let's have an open mind as we study about the Holy Spirit this quarter. If they were not three, the Bible verse - come, let us make man in our own image, wouldn't be there. Also at the baptism of Jesus, we see the three featured, Jesus baptized, Holy Spirit as dove and the Father speaking from heaven. I pray that the Holy Spirit will open our eyes as we study this quarter's lesson.

    • A good challenge Jordan. While I disagree with the idea of three metaphors, I am also at odds with those who go to some length to work out which member of the Godhead did what in every instance. There are times when the simple name "God" should be used because that is what is meant. I think we should accept that all members of the Godhead work as one and it is appropriate that we refer to them as "God".

      Having said that, it is worth remembering that all descriptions of God are to a certain extent pictures of a reality that we have difficulty comprehending. We see though a glass darkly and I am sure that we have much to learn still.

  3. WHEN a man marries:does his wife dissappear cause they become one? God is plural:& not singular= more than one

    From Genesis thru Revelation I see 3 Holy Beings at work to save humanity...
    Let us not commit the unpardonable sin against God The Holy Spirit!

    • A man or a woman is a triune similar to the Creator. We are made in the image of Our Creator. If He is three then we are three--made physically, mentally, and spiritually like God.

    • Human analogies have their limitations. While a husband and wife are to become "one," in reality this does not usually happen the way God intended.

      The members of the Godhead are "one" in character, in purpose, in power, in knowledge, in thought, in love for each other and their creation .. and more. They act together as one. Thus the three distinct Persons of the Godhead together make *one* God, not three.

      But as individual human beings, we are each "one" not three persons. Thus the analogy of the triune God to individual human persons does not seem to fit.

      • The way a husband and wife become ONE is the same way we become one with God. It is by the work of the Holy Spirit motivating us in the same mind that was and is the mind of Jesus Christ. This is what Jesus was speaking about in His conversation with Nicodemus. It is also what he was speaking about in His prayer found in John 17 for unity between man and God and God and man.

        The fruit of the Holy Spirit is an indication of the way the Holy Spirit motivates all who receive and submit to Him.

        When we submit to the Holy Spirit we are submitting to Jesus and the Father because they are one in Their Spirit. We are invited into that Divine circle through the work of the same Spirit motivation.

        Jesus stated that he did nothing on His own but the father taught Him. The Spirit of the Father was always giving Him motivation from His Father.

        • Thanks, Don. You laid the biblical view of being "one" out very well. And, yes, it is only possible through the Holy Spirit who gives us the humility and strength to demonstrate the law of self-renouncing love in our lives. When we allow Him to do that - whether in the family or in the church - we will be "one" as God intended, and the world will know that we are His disciples. (John 13:35)

          So the challenge for each of us is to allow the Holy Spirit to change us into the image of Christ.

  4. Other religions claim to rely on various gods and manifestations of deity, but as Bible-based Christians, we must cling to the concept of one God, one Source of might and power, one pure and Holy Example. The Trinity as the manifestation of God is a unifying theme of all Scripture. We venture forth with our own concepts of God at our peril.

  5. In Genesis 1:27 we read that God made man and his own image. In the book, Education, p. 14 Ellen White tells us that the created man bore the likeness of his Creator physically, mentally, and spiritually. This would appear to be the make up the triune God in His entirety.

    • Thanks, Don, for that reminder of how humanity was made in God's image. but to say that this makes man like God "in His entirety" is probably overstating things. The first pair were made "like" God, but they were not God. (It was on this matter that Satan tempted Eve.)

      • When I said man was made like God in His entirety I meant like a child is like the parents physically and mentally, and spiritually; not that the child has all knowledge and power of the parent. The Bible says that Adam was the son of God.

        Eve was made from part of Adam's body so she is like Adam in relation to God physically, mentally, and spiritually.


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