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2 The Choices We Make – Singing with Inspiration — 3 Comments

  1. I just discovered this resource today. I am excited about what i have been missing. This will help to prepare bulletins, programs, etc. (Church clerk in small church). My husband and I will use in our devotion. Thank you so much.

  2. Thank you so much, Corinne for linking the text of the quarterly to our beautiful hymn heritage - some of
    The hymns you list I’ve never heard sung before and the wealth of poetry and beauty do they bring with them. Love the thematic choices - always new ideas I can use in our home worship and sabbath school.

  3. Hi Coral and Moacir
    Thank you for your positive feedback.
    I was looking for hymns that reflected our weekly Sabbath School Bible study time, so as to add more to what we were learning hence God putting this ministry my way. Music does add and enhance our learning and worship so much.
    God has blessed us with so many beautiful hymns to help share the Bible.
    You will find the organ and piano to sing along with to learn new hymns at:
    On this website you may also look up words to help with a topic as well.
    Blessings in your singing time


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