7: Servant Leadership – Discussion Starters

  1. Jobs for servants. Suppose you saw a notice that read, “Wanted: Servant for soul-winning program at Adventist church.” What would you expect a “servant” to do for the soul-winning program? Has the church you attend ever had a pastor you believe filled the role of “servant” as Peter wrote about in his day? Would you apply for this position: “Servant urgently needed. Eternal life available.”
  2. Elders in the early church. What problems of church management are most keenly felt in rapidly growing congregations? Does God’s church need structure? organization? job descriptions? Why or why not? What were some of the positions elders held in the apostolic church? Should all elders in a local church have the same or almost the same responsibilities? Do you always agree with the decisions made in your church? What do you do if you do not agree?
  3. The elders. What aspect of Jesus’ ministry do our church elders today most need to understand? What were the personal qualities that made Peter such a good elder in the church? Does it ever happen in the church you attend that members go off on their own ways like so many wayward sheep? How should the elders respond to that circumstance? Have you ever said “no” to a church responsibility you could have filled but just didn’t want to? What would Peter say about that?
  4. Servant leadership. The lesson describes the way people in Peter’s day divided their society into distinct layers with little crossover. Is that the way it is today? Even in our church? In what sense are we all equal before God? Why is it harder in the church for you and me to be humble around those with less standing than we have than it is to show respect for those above us, our leaders? Should we try to change that?
  5. Like a roaring lion. How would persecution change the way the church you attend worships God? How about you? Imagine belonging to a church riddled with persecution or scorn. How would you as a member of such a church be able to resist the work of the devil against your church? Should we try to convince others not only that Jesus lives but that Satan is active in our midst? How does the “roaring lion” get into our church? What can we do to keep him out or at least weaken his persuasive abilities?


7: Servant Leadership – Discussion Starters — 6 Comments

  1. One of Peter's passions was to encourage, teach young men to go into full time ministry.   In those days "a servent for the church" would be appropriate.   Live with a church member, and serve the Church.  You see a servent is fed, clothed, and has a roof over him.   Our pastor's now days;  because of our culture and modern organization, are paid a salary plus benefits.   And right so.   Here are my thoughts on deakons and elders (men and/or women). They need to be in a position to give 2-4 hours per day.   That restricts to members who are retired, or have lively hood such as one who works the stocks in the am and visits members and prospective members 2-4 hours in the afternoon.   Or maybe a vineyard owner who spends the am with the hired hands, and visiting 2-4 hours in the afternoon.  Elder and deakons you see, must not neglect the family to do their calling.  Singles are ideal,  but they are far and few between, their family time could be visiting church family.  

    • Singles are NOT ideal, as the Bible states that the Deacons AND Elders MUST BE the Husband of ONE Wife, whose Children are well behaved. Singles are obviously NOT what is stated by those words.

      • David,

        Whether singles or not "we" have all been called to serve. If we say singles cant serve as elders or deacons, what are we saying to our young ones who have the Holy Spirit to do the work and have passion about it...?
        Again there are others who dont want to get married.. Are we saying they can't serve as elders or deacons..?

        We have the young Timothy in the bible - he was just a youth...
        We have Paul he chose not to be married... but they all served as elders etc etc...

        1 Timothy 4:12....

        "let no one despise your youth...."

        14 Do not neglect the gift that is in you, which was given you through the prophecy spoken over you at the laying on of the hands of the elders........

        Matthew 28:19-20

        19 Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost:

        This great calling isnt for singles or married couples ONLY, its for EVERYONE..

        God bless us all

      • I think the idea in the verse that David quotes is that the married deacons and elders should show a faithfulness to his spouse. However this does put limit on the marrital status or gender on who is 'reserved' to be God's servant. As Mphatso has put it, the calling is for everyone.

        Young and old, married and single, man and woman, all are equally called to be a servant leader.

  2. Being a servant leader means working for the people. Elders here are being advised to look after their sheep no matter whether they disagree or agree with the sheep's. Some members may decide not to come to church because of disagreements. It's the duty of the elders to look for the lost sheep.


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