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  1. The obedience exhibited by nature and demons is amazing, i often wander why i,a christian is scared of mad people when we meet in streets what do i lack?could someone help me? i know am not obedient to GODS WORD may he help me to be better person

    • The "great controversy" refers to the battle between Christ and Satan in this world. It was directly obvious when Satan tried to destroy Jesus as a baby, when Satan tempted Jesus in the desert, and when Satan influenced the Jewish leadership to crucify Him.

      However, this battle has been fought in the hearts of people throughout history - both in Bible times and in post-Bible times.

      We each make choices every day that count either for Christ's side of the battle or Satan's side. When we listen to God's Spirit to act kindly and unselfishly in harmony with God's great Law of Love, we are enlisted on Christ's side. Whenever we go our own way and look out for self first, we are enlisted in Satan's side in this great war.

      Each of the lessons this quarter was intended to explore some aspect of this great war throughout Bible history. This week's title "Comrades in Arms" refers to being "comrades" in the battle of Christ against Satan. Christ's side acts in unselfish love, representing the character of our great Creator, while Satan's side is self-serving and draws people away from the Creator.


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