Ask the Author: The Law of God and the Law of Christ

Does the law of Christ supersede the Ten Commandments? See what the author of the Sabbath School lesson has to say on this week’s episode of “Ask the Author.”

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Ask the Author: The Law of God and the Law of Christ — 6 Comments

    • Benjamin, to keep the law of God is to keep the law of Christ; and to keep the law of Christ is to keep the law of God.

      Let me put it another way: The "law of God" is God's will "described" and the "law of Christ" is God's will "applied." Every act done out of loving service to God and humanity is a fulfillment of the law.

  1. I am privilege to listen to ask the author series. My question is how can one practically overcome the stuggle to keep the law instead doing with love and zeal?

    • Gideon, since "keeping the law" is demonstrated by acts of love to God and our fellow human beings, the biggest struggle is really the one against self. When we put away our need for instant gratification and think about what is best for our fellow human being, we are keeping the law as God intended it.

      Here's a practical example. You may feel tempted to have an affair with another man's wife. if you do this, your flesh will be gratified, but you will be hurting several relationships (the woman's husband, her children, her parents, etc.). When you think of how your action will negatively impact others, you choose not to do it out of love for others.

      I trust this helps.


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