Sunday: In the Beginning

“In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth” (Gen. 1:1).

Image © Damon Bowie from

Image © Damon Bowie from

There are many deep truths in that simple text, one of the most profound being that the universe itself had a beginning. While that idea might not seem so radical to us today, it goes against the long-held belief in an eternally existing creation. Not until the twentieth century, when the “Big Bang” model of origins took hold, did the notion that the universe had a beginning gain general acceptance. Until then many believed that it had always existed. Many people resisted the concept of the universe having been created because that implied some sort of Creator. (In fact, the name “Big Bang” was intended to mock the notion of a created universe.) But the evidence that the universe had a beginning has become so strong that nearly all scientists have accepted it, at least for now (scientific views, even those once deemed sacrosanct, are often changed or refuted).

Read Hebrews 11:3. What does that tell us about God and the creation of the universe?

As with Genesis 1:1Hebrews 11:3 is full of mystery and things that are unexplainable by our present knowledge. Yet, the text does seem to tell us that the universe was not formed from pre-existing matter. The universe was created by the power of God’s Word; that is, both matter and energy were brought into existence by God’s power.

Creation from nothing is known as creation ex nihilo. We often credit humans with the creation of various things, but humans are incapable of creating from nothing. We can change the form of pre-existing matter, but we have no power to create ex nihilo. Only the supernatural power of God can do that. This is one of the most dramatic differences between God and humans and reminds us that our very existence depends on the Creator.

In fact, the verb created in Genesis 1:1 comes from a Hebrew root word that is used only in reference to the creative activity of God. Only God, not humans, can do that kind of creating (see also Rom. 4:17).

Why is a supernatural Creator, One who exists above and beyond the creation, the only logical explanation for the Creation? Bring your answer to class on Sabbath.

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Sunday: In the Beginning — 11 Comments

  1. We have some very wise, knowlegable and creative men, who have walked the face of this earth. However that's just it, we are limited to this time and space, we are mere dust, we have no control over many things, only someone bigger and greater could have created such a vast array of stars and animals, better yet people. There is no one who could honestly say they have created something from nothing, there was always something to use. Humans are incapable of finding a cure for cancer or even the common cold. We can't even breathe in space, so what makes us think we can create something from nothing.

  2. I think that God being a supernatural creator is the only explanation because it's the only way to really explain the unexplainable in the origins of this world. Nothing else even remotely makes sense.

  3. Let's say, 6000 years men of science have been studying the things created and still don't understand them deeply, fully and perfectly. Why will they understand He who created all things?
    The amazing God not only made the world, but made it out of nothing!
    It is even more astonishing. Everthing created has life derived from Him. And our loving Creator made all Nature GOOD. I think when God calls one thing good we can call it wonderfull, terrific, splendid, because all nature works for our welfare.
    There are no words to clearly depict such a tenderly Father.

    • Well Said, even when we constantly unconsciously defile all the perfect things he made for us, he still draws us closer to Himself...He is a real lovely God..

  4. Pray be to the LORD, the only Creator of all that exist visible and invisible. While men continue looking for more theories to explain the origin of the universe they lose time in doing so but christians pray and glorify to our God by his creator power. He said and it was done He commanded and it existed.

  5. I believe with my whole heart that a loveing careing God created all things. There is more that amply evidences of this in nature, in the human form, the DNA all has a design to it. Some scienetist are beginning to aknowlege that even if it may be reluct on there part. The Word of God that revealed the future history of kingdoms and has come to pass. The bible says there is no excuse for one not to believe there is a God. It is peoples pride and selfcenterness to not want to reconize a God they have to a knowledge for if they do they have to worship Him and Obey his commandments. They would have to accepet the salvation that is offered to them as a gift of life. It means humble ones self before God in surrender to Him yeild your will to him to be transform by His Grace and love. Human pride may not always yeild.

    I need help on how to preceed to the next days lessons. We had bad weather here Sabbath and so no one has there new lessons. I am the Sabbath school superindent and I need to do this lesson. on the computer. I am taking notes. I have read sundays and mondays but do not see a click place to continue with the lesson. If anyone can help me please email me or post a commenet to help me. Thank you sincerely yours in Christ Jesus, Janette

    • Janette, if you need the whole lesson, rather than just the daily portions, you can do that by clicking on either the Biblia Edition or the Bible Gateway Edition, above and below the lesson cover on the Home page.

      To get to the Home page, you can click on "Home" or on the the Sabbath School Net header at the top of any page.

  6. Just cannot comprehend why some do not believe in creation ex nihilo. Heb. 11:3; John 1:3. They use 2 Peter 3:5 to say God created from something and not out of nothing.

    • Our failure to believe in creation ex nihilo is our inability to explain and understand than anything can be created. Everything that we do as humans beings, everything we make comes from something that is already existing. So the idea that something can be created from nothing is far fetched and ludicrous to us that why we try so hard to come up with theories to explain our existence. Amazingly, the more we try to disprove creation ex nihilo is the more we are convinced that the amazing God, creator and sustainer of man-kind created, commanded and ordered the universe in place. The moment we stop trying to think like God and accept by faith there is a creator we will begin to live happier lives as we will see His manifestations more vividly.


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