Tuesday: The Believer’s Advantage

(1 Thess. 5:4, 5)

In the opening verses of the fifth chapter, Paul addresses the condition of those who, for whatever reason, are not prepared.

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The Thessalonians already know that the reality of the Second Coming is certain; only the timing is unknown. The surprise will be tragic for those who are not ready. Some are unprepared because they don’t believe in the Second Coming; others because they think they can delay their preparation until events convince them the end is near.It was late in the 1950s. A young man heard a preacher say that Jesus was coming in 1964, thus the church better get ready. The young man decided that because it was still a number of years off, he wouldn’t bother readying himself until about, well, 1962. In other words, the preacher’s intention to increase the sense of urgency had the opposite effect on the young man. Such delay is perilous, of course, because you don’t know if you will live through even today. The good news is that we don’t need to know when Jesus is coming in order to be ready now.

Read 1 Thessalonians 5:45. What is the spiritual meaning of metaphors like light and day, darkness and light? What aspects of your life could be described as light and what as darkness? Think through the implications of your answer.

In these verses Paul begins a series of contrasts with day/night and darkness/light (a ruin/rescue contrast is implied in verse 3). Unbelievers will be surprised by the events of the end, but believers will not be surprised. Why? Because they live in the light. The Bible is a “lamp to [our] feet and a light to [our] path” (Ps. 119:105, NKJV). Prophecy is given so that we can have enough information in order to be spiritually prepared for whatever lies ahead.

Preparation for the Second Coming involves investing serious time in the Word of God. Preparation is the act of laying up treasure in heaven. Preparation is about a daily surrender to the Lord.

There are many distractions in today’s world, from jobs to e-mail to entertainment to a cornucopia of drugs and other mood enhancers. Paul’s appeal comes down to us through the corridors of time. Set distractions aside. Put the Word of God first in your life, and you will not be overtaken by events, no matter how unexpected their timing may be.



Tuesday: The Believer’s Advantage — 7 Comments

  1. Indeed, we need to get ready at all times. Infact, signs are all there for all to see. Prophecies is being fulfilled in our own sight. It is perilous for people who have knowledge of the coming of our Saviour to be procrastinating. Death can strike at any time before bieng ready and be doomed for eternity. While we still have an opportunity, let us live a day at a time with the view of the coming of our Saviour.

    • Whilst that is true, we should stop, getting ready but rather live ready for as the Lighting flashes from the east to the west so shall the comming of the son of man be "Visible" Unexpected" and "Frightening" for those who have choosen to walk away from Him. So therefore Live ready and allow the Word of God to be our Daily bread.

  2. I was raised in the Baptist church, baptized at age 12. I sowed my wild oats in my teen years. I started getting serious about wanting to know God in my early twenties. My wife and I were attending a holliness church at that time. I was reading the Bbible and trying to understand it. Then I received an invitation to attend a revelation seminar from the SDA church. I told the pastor at the holliness church about my invite. He told me that the Seventh-day Adventists know the Bible better than any church. I found out that the pastor was correct. Thank you Lord for your leading me from darkness to light.

  3. Saints let's get ready for we have read the word and have been told of things to come, why then do we act surprised and are the dealers of those with great dissbelief... Remember we will be judged by what we know.

  4. Sometimes I am confused with my life.
    There are many troubles that I can't handle it
    but right now when I am still here I find that God prepares the best way for me.
    Just hope that I will find my way in You. Amen.


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