Tuesday: While We Were Yet Sinners . . .

Image © Damon Bowie from GoodSalt.com

All throughout the Bible we find that God’s response to human sinfulness is redemptive in nature and motivated by genuine, unselfish love. He would have been fully justified in giving Adam and Eve up to Satan’s destructive power; after all, they had made their choice. But God knew that Adam and Eve did not understand … [Click to read more …]

Inside Story: Embracing the World’s Cities, 2

Image © Darrel Tank from GoodSalt.com

As we look at the mission field, we must look through the compassionate eyes of Jesus. We’re not looking at a target group or mere statistics; we’e looking at real people. They may have given up on church and religion, but they’e open to those who follow Christ and show the love and sympathy of … [Click to read more …]

Wednesday: Sabbath and the Last Days

Image © Lars Justinen from GoodSalt.com

Read 2 Peter 3:3-7. Compare the description of the last day scoffers with our contemporary society. What do the scoffers deny, and why? The scoffers claim that nature has continued on without interruption, a claim known among scientists as “uniformitarianism.” This is equivalent to denying that miracles occur. This claim is then used to deny that … [Click to read more …]