Thursday: The Word in Our Lives

The Word in Our Lives

As we have seen, Peter placed great emphasis on the Holy Scriptures. Second Peter 1:19-21 is a powerful affirmation of the importance of the Bible to our Christian experience and to the divine inspiration of the Scriptures. His point is clear in 2 Peter 1:21. The Bible is not the product of human will, human … [Click to read more …]

Wednesday: The More Sure Word of Prophecy

A Sure Word of Prophecy

Read 2 Peter 1:19-21. To what prophecies is Peter referring? What does he mean when he says that no prophecy of Scripture is of any private interpretation? In stressing that Christianity is not based on cunningly devised fables (2 Pet. 1:16), Peter offers up two lines of evidence: first, eyewitnesses (2 Pet. 1:16-18); second, the … [Click to read more …]

10: Prophecy and Scripture – Discussion starters

Confidence personified. Is there anything at all about Peter speaking as a wholehearted disciple of Jesus that reminds us of Peter the indecisive one? If you said “No!” in a resounding way, how can you and I adopt his certainty in these troubled times? How can the “cunningly devised fables” that appeal to vast numbers of worldlings … [Click to read more …]

Singing with Inspiration – Lesson 10

Sabbath afternoon’s introduction to our studies for the week made a strong and wise statement followed by a question: “So if Jesus and Peter took the Bible seriously, how dare we do otherwise ourselves?” Peter was sure of what he believed in and he would have had pleasure in singing: Hymn 511, “I Know Whom … [Click to read more …]

Tuesday: The Morning Star in Our Hearts

God's Word - Light in a Dark Place

“And so we have the prophetic word confirmed, which you do well to heed as a light that shines in a dark place, until the day dawns and the morning star rises in your hearts” (2 Pet. 1:19, NKJV). Read this text carefully. What is Peter saying that is so important to us, even today? … [Click to read more …]

Monday: Eyewitnesses of Majesty

Jesus Healing a Young Boy

Read 2 Peter 1:16-18. What other evidence does Peter say he has for his faith in Jesus? Besides the prophetic word, Peter was an eyewitness to many of the things that he preached about. Christianity, he said, is not founded on “cunningly devised fables” (2 Pet. 1:16, NKJV), but on real events that happened in … [Click to read more …]

Sunday: Jesus in the Old Testament

The Burning Bush

All through his epistles, Peter writes with a sense of certainty. He knows what he is talking about because he knows whom he is talking about. And one reason is that he knows that Jesus was the One to whom the Old Testament prophets pointed. It was Peter’s trust in the Written Word that helped … [Click to read more …]