Thursday: Letting the Dead Bury the Dead

The Calling of Matthew

Read Matthew 8:18-22. What is Jesus saying to these men here about what it means to follow Him? First, in Matthew 8:18-22, we see two men approach Jesus with the desire to be His disciples. Both are sincere; and yet, both seem to be held back by something. Jesus, who knows all our thoughts, goes … [Click to read more …]

“Get Up and Walk!” Faith and Healing – Discussion Starters
Joyce Griffith

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1.       What do YOU think is the greater miracle–Forgiving our sins or healing us from a life-threatening disease? From God’s perspective, which does He dread the most—sin or death? Have you ever known a Christian who was so loaded with love for God that you felt that God should never allow that person to succumb … [Click to read more …]

“Get Up and Walk!” Faith and Healing – Teaching Plan
Michael Fracker

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Key Thought: Jesus’ power and authority were used to serve humanity. Who ever came to Him was embraced by His love and included in His grace. “Get Up and Walk!” Faith and Healing April 16-22, 2016 1. Have a volunteer read Matthew 8:1-4. a. Ask class members to share a thought on what the most important … [Click to read more …]

HopeSS: Faith and Healing

Hope Sabbath School

You can view an in-depth discussion of “Faith and Healing” in the Hope Sabbath School class led by Pastor Derek Morris. (Adobe Flash Player version.) A Youtube version of this week’s lesson at Hope Sabbath School is below. You can download the video, the MP3 audio, and the lesson outline from the HopeTV Sabbath School … [Click to read more …]

Wednesday: “Get Up and Walk”

Jesus Heals

In Monday’s study, we noted that Jesus said that He hadn’t found anyone in Israel with such great faith. But, during these same hours in Israel, there was a man who had reached a place where his desire for healing of the heart was even greater than for healing of his body. Read Matthew 9:1-8. … [Click to read more …]

Tuesday: Demons and Pigs

lord rock cliff

Read Matthew 8:25-34. What do both these accounts teach us about the power of God? How can we draw comfort from what we see here about His power, especially as we struggle with things so much greater than ourselves? In Jewish thought it was the prerogative of God alone to rule over nature and demons. … [Click to read more …]

Monday: The Roman and the Messiah

Jesus and Soldier

There’s a good reason the book of Daniel spends a lot of time dealing with Rome (see Dan. 7:7-8, Dan. 7:19-21, Dan. 8:9-12, Dan. 8:23-25). And that’s because of its great power, which was prevalent also at the time of Christ. Nevertheless, a Roman officer, not only a symbol of the power of Rome but an … [Click to read more …]

Sunday: Touching the Untouchable


After preaching the Sermon on the Mount, where He’d described the principles of the kingdom of God, Jesus re-encountered the kingdom of Satan, a cold dark place filled with decaying people groaning for redemption, a place whose principles are often contrary to everything for which He stands. And at that time one of the greatest … [Click to read more …]

Sabbath: “Get Up and Walk!” Faith and Healing

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Read for This Week’s Study: Matt. 8; Lev. 13:44-50; Dan. 7:7-8; John 10:10; Matt. 9:1-8; 1 John 1:9. Memory Text: “Which is easier, to say, ‘Your sins are forgiven you,’ or to say, ‘Arise and walk’?” (Matthew 9:5, NKJV). If you made a list of what you most dreaded in life, what would it look … [Click to read more …]

Friday: Further Thought – Sermon on the Mount

Read Ellen G. White, “The Sermon on the Mount,” pp. 298-314, in The Desire of Ages and the book Thoughts From the Mount of Blessing (Book available online at In the parables of Matthew 13:44-46, the men found something of great value. Given the context, especially after Jesus told the third parable (Matt. 13:47-50), … [Click to read more …]